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How Do You Write A Dissertation Acknowledgement

Write A Dissertation Acknowledgement

A dissertation acknowledgment is prepared to recognize and appreciate all the people and academic units who assisted you when you were writing your dissertation. It is a section where you express your gratitude to people who have supported you both personally and professionally throughout the research and writing of your dissertation.

The acknowledgments section of your dissertation, which appears between your title page and abstract, should not be more than one page long. You may use first-person pronouns and a less formal writing style than is typically accepted in academic writing in your acknowledgments. In contrast to the academic work itself, acknowledgments are your opportunity to write something more informal and friendly.

Categories Of Acknowledgements:

The two basic types of acknowledgments are typically professional and personal.

1.  Professional Acknowledgements:

It is important to remember everyone who provided professional assistance to you while you accomplished your dissertation. As a general guideline, you should credit everyone who made a significant direct contribution to your research.

These are some examples of professional acknowledgments: The chairman of the department, funders, supervisors, professors, coworkers, librarians, assistants in laboratories, editors, proofreaders, various academics, and students who participated in the research and made a contribution. You can also include any helpful advice you received from a senior.

2.  Personal Acknowledgments:

You do not have to name every member of your family or circle of friends. However, you could want to directly mention someone if they were really motivating or encouraging. You can thank anyone who helped you, whether they were a direct or indirect helper. Some students might want to devote their dissertation to a departed loved one who had a significant impact on their lives.

Examples of personal acknowledgments are Friends and family who have helped or inspired you in some way or any other person who motivated or assisted you while you were a student. Some students also like to thank God.

How To Write Dissertation Acknowledgement:

Although there is no definite format for writing dissertation acknowledgment, there are a few guidelines that you must still be aware of:

1. University Policies:

Checking your university’s policies is a useful first step because they can have requirements or preferences about the arrangement, wording, or format of acknowledgments. Some organizations might prefer that you keep your acknowledgments professional only.

In any case, it is often a good idea to list any professional acknowledgments first before any personal ones. The next step is to order the people you want to thank from most formal to least formal.

Typically, only those who directly assisted you with your dissertation need to be mentioned. However, feel free to add them as well if you believe that someone, such as a high school physics instructor, was a significant inspiration for your current research.

1.1 Rank Your List Of People:

You can order your list of people once you have made a list of everyone you want to thank. Create categories for “major thanks,” “big thanks,” and “little thanks” for each person on your list.

1.2 Major Thanks:

You give “major thanks” to those without whom your project would not be possible. These acknowledgments frequently focus on professionals, such as your adviser, chairperson, committee, and any donors.

1.3 Big Thanks:

A middle ground is to say “big thanks” to people who have supported you or helped you advance your knowledge, such as your classmates, lab attendants, or librarians.

1.4 Little Thanks:

The phrase “little thanks” might be used to cover all bases, especially for people who have provided moral assistance or encouragement. This can include acknowledging loved ones personally, such as parents, spouses, kids, friends, or even pets.

1.5 Phrasing Your Acknowledgements:

Take into account modifying your phrase to prevent acknowledgments from seeming monotonous or repetitious. The examples given in this article might help you come up with different openings for each acknowledgment.

Keep in mind that there is no requirement for a conclusion or summary at the end. You might just say “thank you again” to close out the acknowledgments.

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Examples Of Dissertation Acknowledgement:

The samples below might be used to help you create an acknowledgment for your dissertation. You might simply thank each person or group for their contribution or go into further detail.

  • First and foremost, I would like to extend my profound gratitude to _______ for providing the funding necessary to make this research possible.
  • I want to pay tribute to my supervisor ____ for her unwavering support and direction throughout this endeavor.
  • I appreciate the following individuals for their assistance with this study effort ____.
  • Sincere gratitude is due to _____, without whom I could not have finished this research.
  • I also like to thank ________ for participating and showing interest.
  • I want to thank _____ for making insightful recommendations that helped direct the entire endeavor.
  • I want to express my sincere acknowledgment to ___ for their unwavering support, wisdom, and inspiration.
  • Many thanks to ___ for their wise counsel, persistent support, and tolerance during my research.
  • I would like to convey my deep gratitude to ___ for their support throughout the entire research effort.
  • Throughout the course of the research project, __ never stopped encouraging and was always eager and willing to help.
  • I am appreciative of the opportunity to work with ____ and profoundly appreciative of their consistent support and confidence in me.
  • I will express my honor to my parents and friends.

Tips For Dissertation Acknowledgement:

  • Write in the first person using formal or semi-formal language.
  • Include the complete names, positions, and affiliations of any professional acknowledgments.
  • Include a list of your allies, such as family, close friends, or even pets.
  • List the funding sources and the projects they supported.

Things To Avoid In Acknowledgement Section:

  • Use of slang or colloquial language.
  • Going longer than one page.
  • Mentioning those who just slightly or tangentially influenced your work.


The component of your dissertation where you have the most control is the acknowledgments section. No specific headers or word counts are necessary. We advise you to take your time, think back on the people who helped you finish your journey, and thank them personally. Even if you dislike writing, you should make an effort to write this section well because it will encourage people to help you more enthusiastically in the future.

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