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How Do You Go Up a Hill On a Skateboard?

If you want to learn how to skateboard uphill, you have to practice. Just like going downhill, going uphill requires energy and control. In this article, we’ll show you a few tips that will make your skateboarding journey more fun. So buckle your seatbelts, grab a skateboard, and get to work! We’ll also show you how to pump your board to increase its speed.


The key to pumping up a hill is to practice with a slow speed. The momentum of gravity and the hill will carry you up part of the incline, and the wider the pumps, the less speed you will lose. A turny rear truck gives you enough power for aggressive ripping. A good pump should also provide you with enough power to propel your body up the hill. But how do you master the technique?

First of all, you need to have the proper balance. Try to keep your board in a tight carve with a short pump from your hips. Avoid forceful pumps as they will only cause you to lose speed on steep inclines. Instead, try shorter pumps with your front foot on a bolt. Practice this with a low gear for the best results. If you find it hard to keep a steady balance, pumping can help you get over the hill with less effort.

Switch pushing

Switch pushing is one of the most effective skateboard techniques for going up a hill. This technique involves switching your stance from a regular stance to a goofy stance – that is, from the right foot to the left foot. This method requires more muscle power than walking uphill, but it is also a great workout for your legs and core. It is important to practice switching to master this skill.

Many new skateboarders try pushing with their front foot, which throws them off balance when there is a large gap between the board and their foot. To overcome this, try pushing with your upper body. This involves pushing with your left arm and turning your body in the opposite direction. Remember to maintain balance while pushing. Practice this and you will be a pro in no time! If you do not master this skill quickly, you may end up falling.

Choosing a board for uphill

You can learn how to skate uphill by mastering arm motions. This will help you maintain balance and full control of your board while skating uphill. You can also speed up your acceleration by skating with your back arm circling. Just remember to practice skateboarding etiquette and take it easy. You must also check the conditions of your skateboard before you start doing any uphill skating. You should always skate to the right and take care of your skateboard.

Skateboarders usually prefer to cruise on flatlands and downhill. But if you want to explore the wild side, you can try skateboarding uphill. Choosing a skateboard for uphill skating depends on your skill level and the type of hill you are skating. Be sure to wear protective gear to avoid serious injuries. Listed below are the tips and guidelines to help you choose the right skateboard for uphill skating.

Keeping your feet flat on the ground

One of the most common mistakes that new skateboarders make is to drag their foot off the ground when going up a steep hill. This creates an unbalanced force and increases the friction, which slows down your body and skateboard. Jerod knows that his shoes and skateboard top create lots of friction. This is because Newton’s first law of motion states that an object at rest will remain there until acted upon by an unbalanced force.

To maintain a flat foot position, skateboarders should place their feet 50 to 90 degrees off the centerline of their board. By keeping the center of your feet over the centerline, skateboarders will be able to turn easily and maintain good balance. In addition to this, skateboarders should wear decent skateboarding shoes. These shoes should have a firm, flat sole.

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