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How Do Spouses Get Divided in a DUI Accident Settlement?

Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, is a serious offense. In Los Angeles alone, there are 36,000 DUI arrests every year. That’s about 100 cases each day.

If you were a victim of a DUI accident, you or your spouse may have received a settlement. If so and the two of you are having issues with your relationship, you are probably questioning how spouses get divided in a DUI accident settlement and other questions as well. Even if you are together, the settlement will be divided.

Accidents involving alcohol can get very complicated. Your DUI Accident Lawyer Los Angeles will play a role in the division. Read on to find out how DUI accident settlements work.

Does Insurance Cover DUI Accidents?

Driving under the influence is illegal, so there can be a lot of controversies involved in a wreck involving alcohol. If you were a victim of such a wreck, you’ll want to have a

LA DUI Accident Attorney to fight for your rights.

If the drunk driver was the one who caused the crash, he or she is responsible for the damages that the accident caused, as is true in any car wreck. The insurance company of that person is liable for the accident even if the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but your lawyer will need to prove it was the fault of their client, and you’ll also need to prove they were under the influence. That can be tricky because unless a sobriety test is given, alcohol wears off. Some drunk drivers leave the scene of the accident and only surface when the alcohol is out of their system.

In addition, you’ll need to prove that the action of the impaired driver caused the wreck. This may take some detective work, such as witness reports, police reports, and evidence from facts regarding the details of the crash.

A driver might be charged with drunk driving yet not be at fault of the wreck. There are many scenarios that can play out. You will need a strong case to convince the judge and the jury, if there is one. The insurance that is being held liable by the suit will most likely put up a strong defense.

In this type of accident, you certainly don’t want to bear the burden of representing yourself. You’ll need an experienced attorney to help you.

Questions About a DUI Settlement

You can find out an estimate of what your case is worth by using a DUI settlement calculator.  Your LA DUI Accident Attorney can also make the estimation for you, based on some simple facts such as the total of your medical expenses, the amount of wages you lost out on, and other details.

If you are married and the wreck was not your fault, you may want to know if you will get a lump sum together if there is a settlement. The money will actually be divided up. You will get compensation for your medical expenses and other expenses incurred and for pain and suffering, legal fees, and so forth and your spouses’ will be figured separately just as any other passengers’ will be. In the event that they two of you separate or divorce, the way the money is divided will remain the same because it will be on an individual basis anyway.

If you were drinking when the wreck occurred, you may be wondering, “Can I be charged with a DUI after the accident?” If there is sufficient evidence, such as a blood alcohol test, yes. You can be charged at any time but there must be evidence.

DUI accidents spur a lot of questions because they aren’t just cut-and-dry. Laws vary from state to state. Your California DUI Attorney can answer difficult questions so it is wise to set up a time for a consultation as soon as possible.

Let Jacob Partiyeli Defend You

If you are the victim of a DUI accident, you will need a strong and experienced LA DUI Accident Attorney. Don’t waste time looking around. Contact our team. You can trust The Law Offices of Jacob Partiyeli. Jacob is compassionate DUI Attorney in Los Angeles and will fight for you. Call today for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation – (310) 810-1919

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