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How Do I Set Up My Linksys Router?

This article is going to make it easy for you to get the Linksys router setup done quickly. It contains the precise details on how you can set your Linksys router up. The entire process of router setup is to gain access to your Linksys router, so that you can start using your wireless internet connection flawlessly. The whole setup process is fairly easy and simple and can be performed by anyone conveniently. There is not much prior technical knowledge required to perform the steps on your own. However, you need to be very heedful and cautious that you perform all the steps of Linksys router login and setup as they are mentioned below to avoid any glitches. Moreover, do not miss out on any step in between while following the process.

Linksys Router Setup Using Manual Method

Simply follow the below mentioned steps to get access to your Linksys router and make it up and working for smooth functionality and internet access. Before starting the process, let us assume that your Linksys Router has just arrived and we begin with the very basic steps.

  1. Unboxing – Open your brand new Linksys router box. Please watch over any user manuals or guide in the box as you need to retain it for future references. The user guide or manual come very handy if you face any issues at any point in time. They cover almost all the details about the Linksys router.
  1. Power up the router – Before placing the router at the designated place that you have decided for it, place it near to the modem to complete the setup process. Now it’s time to power up the router. Connect the power plug of the router to the electrical socket on the wall and turn the switch on. You will see some LED lights blinking on the router which will stabilize after some time. Wait till they are stable.
  1. Modem-Router Connection – Now make a connection between the modem and the router using an Ethernet cable or make a wireless connection as per your comfort. Use the respective ports on modem and the router if you are using an Ethernet cable. You should be able to easily identify the ports on both, the modem and the Linksys router. Also, be sure that both the ends of the cable are connected tightly to both the devices as loose connection is the main reason causing the setup error.

After turning the router on and successfully establishing connection between the modem and the router, it is now time to move to the precise Linksys router setup steps.

  1. Turn the PC On – We begin by switching the computer or laptop on. After the computer is turned on, we check if we have the latest windows operating system installed on it. This step, however is not mandatory if you aware of your windows OS being the latest one. It is only to avoid any hindrance in the further process.
  1. Open Browser – Now, open any web browser that you usually use on the computer. However, it is preferable to open the browser that has the latest version installed on the PC or laptop.
  1. Navigate to Linksys Login Page – In the address bar of the browser, you just have to type the web address of the Linksys router. Type myrouter.local and then press enter. This will take you to Linksys login page. Enter the default credentials in their respective fields before hitting the Login button. Avoid any typos while you type in the username and password.
  1. Navigate to Smart Setup Wizard – After filling in the default credentials and clicking on the Login button, you will be navigated to the Smart setup wizard. This will further provide you assistance to complete the Linksys router setup and login process. You will simply have to follow the instructions that will be displayed on the computer screen to get the setup process done.

Wrap up

This was all about the Linksys router setup process using manual method. Post following the above mentioned method, you should be able to do myrouter.local login and setup easily. You will now have access to your Linksys router and you may now start using the WiFi connection through Linksys router happily. After gaining the access, you must modify the WiFi username and password in order to have a secure internet connection.

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