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How do I get to Pangarchulla Trek?


Climbing to the top of the hill and reaching the valleys and suburbs of the lake is sufficient. Now it is time to reach the top of another hill. Pangarchulla peak is a great hiking trail, ideal for experienced people. The journey is not difficult, but the whole road is long and requires a lot of energy to cover. It will be nice, if you choose the route to travel through Kuari Pass. Beautiful alpine forests and deodars are located on a hilly area, where beautiful snow-covered roads and soft touches and colorful natural scenery are preserved for the next round of the trek. As you walk through the woods on the ground, you can see Himalayan bears and leopards. However, there is nothing to regret if they are not found, as nature has spread its seven colors over the frozen road ahead.

The perfect way is popular among the locals for being part of the Pandavas Swargarohini tour. There are more myths about Ganesh’s playground, in his childhood days. Travel diary entries will be exposed through fairy tales, with your own knowledge. However, nature and its beauty, as you approach the top, will look like it has no limits at all.

Pangarchulla Peak Climb Trekking Tour Outstanding

  • Fill your adventure hunger by measuring the highest value of Pangarchulla.
  • Enjoy a cool walk over the Gorson Meadows.
  • It gets the sound of your adrenaline by enjoying skiing in Ali.

The Best Time to Visit:-

The best time to visit the Pangarchulla Peak Climb Trek is summer (May-June) and Post Monsoon (September-November).


The Pangarchulla Peak Climb Trek Weather is always beautiful and enjoyable during the summer. The Himalaya Mountains are clearly visible and the cool breeze adds beauty to the holiday. Take control with you.

Post Monsoon: 

Calmness and solitude are the highest during the post monsoon on the Pangarchulla Peak Climb Trek. The region is blessed with snow in winter and accommodation options are also limited. But you can see the progress of the Pangarchulla Peak Climb Trek during the post monsoon as it looks like Zulu in the world.

Where is Pangarchulla Peak?

Best known among adventure buffs, Pangarchulla is a stunning high point in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Due to its length, approximately 4575 Mtrs, the peak provides the best camping information and can be best approached during the months of April and May.

Pangarchulla Peak Climb Trek (Detailed Journey)

  • Day 1: Drive from Haridwar to Joshimath – 11/12 – 280 Km. Lodge.
  • Day 2: Drive to Karchi village (7500 ft) Dhak – 15 Km, 45 minutes. Then take a trip to Khullara (11,1000 ft) – 11 Km, 6/7 hours.
  • Day 3: Visit Kuari Pass (12630 ft) and return to Khullara – 8 Km- 6/7 hours. The camp.
  • Day 4: Khullara (11,100 ft) to Pangarchulla conference (14,925 ft), 6 hours and return to Khullara – total 12 Km – 12/14 hours. A difficult and challenging conference day.
  • Day 5: Khullara (11,100 ft) to Auli (8600 ft) by Gurson Bugyal, 5/6 – 10 Km – drive from Joshimath 45 mins / 14 Km. Lodge.
  • Day 6: Drive from Joshimath to Haridwar – 280 Km – 11/12 hours.

How difficult is the Pangarchulla Trek?

The Pangarchulla trek comes under the ‘difficult journey’ category. Unlike any other trip like Kedarkantha, Brahmatal, or Chopta – the Chandrashila trek, the 15,000 Pangarchulla peak height carries many challenges and difficult terrain. But this should not discourage you. The Pangarchulla trek is about amazing surprises after exciting challenges. But even after all this, the journey is not for beginners.

The most challenging part of the trip is the climb. The longest and heaviest route carries many large boulders beneath the ice sheet. These rocks have long spaces in the middle that can be dangerous while walking. But in order to avoid any problems and give you a safe path, we have guidelines to get you on the right track.

All in all, while Pangarchulla is an exciting and challenging journey, you need to be careful before embarking on this exciting journey. You will need a certain amount of stamina to pass easily on this amazing journey.

What to DO And what not to Do in the Journey:-

  • Alcohol and any other “EXTREME” alcoholic beverages during the trip.
  • Always listen to tour guides or instructors.
  • Always be with your group under any circumstances.
  • Avoid walking at night as it is very dangerous.
  • Avoid using your ears as this may impair your hearing.
  • Do not participate in or promote waste disposal in any form.
  • When visiting local villages and tourist attractions, follow local directions and instructions.
  • Do not harm or disturb the local environment.

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