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How Do CBD Gummies help In Peaceful Sleep?

CBD gummies have become one of the go-to supplements for treating various common ailments. Among their popular applications is relieving insomnia and several other sleep disorders.  

This post sheds more light on the role of CBD gummies in promoting restful sleep. But first, let’s start from the beginning by understanding what these products are all about. 

What Are CBD Gummies? 

CBD gummies refer to gummy bears formulated with CBD as the primary bioactive ingredient. Perhaps your next question is – what is CBD?  

CBD is a popular abbreviation for cannabidiol. It’s the most popular and widely studied non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid in cannabis. As already indicated, the compound is widely administered for numerous ailments.  

Cannabidiol comes in many shapes and forms. One such formulation is CBD gummies.  

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Gummies? 

The primary benefit of taking CBD melatonin gummies is that they provide long-lasting benefits. The therapeutic effects of cannabidiol in CBD gummies can last in your bloodstream for up to 72 hours after the final dosage. For comparison, the effects of other popular CBD delivery methods like vaping and oral tinctures usually wear off in a matter of hours.  

CBD gummies also offer a degree of discretion. Since these products resemble traditional gummy bears, you can seamlessly dose them without your closest buddies ever knowing you’re consuming cannabidiol.  

Last but not least, CBD gummies are incredibly easy to administer. That’s because they come with predetermined CBD potencies. Besides, there’s no complex paraphernalia to use in consuming these products. You simply pop and chew, depending on your ideal CBD dose.

How Might CBD Gummies Promote Restful Sleep? 

CBD gummies can offer immense sleep-aiding benefits. As you might expect, those benefits tie back to the main bioactive chemical in these products – cannabidiol. Here are some of them: 

  1. CBD Gummies May Shorten Sleep Latency 

Sleep latency refers to the average duration from complete wakefulness to deep sleep. It’s also known as sleep onset time.  

Most people have a sleep latency of around 20 minutes. But it can vary significantly from one person to another. Consuming CBD gummies at bedtime might promote restful sleep by making you fall asleep faster.  

  1. CBD Gummies May Reduce REM Sleep Duration 

Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is a sleep phase marked by repeated, involuntary movements of the eyelids within the sockets. Sleep experts claim that much of the dreaming takes place during REM sleep.  

Dreams aren’t inherently unhealthy. But they can often manifest as sleep-disrupting nightmares, especially for people with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  

Therefore, any intervention that may reduce REM sleep consequently boosts sleep quality. And that’s where cannabidiol comes in.  

But CBD gummies don’t only shorten the duration of REM sleep. Studies indicate that these products may also improve some of PTSD’s most bothersome symptoms, including nightmares, flashbacks, and irritability.  

  1. CBD Gummies May Treat RBD 

REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) is a potentially dangerous sleep disorder where an individual unconsciously or subconsciously acts out their dreams.  

Victims may climb out of their beds and proceed to the kitchen to prepare a meal or to the bathroom to take a shower. Others might decide to hold a family gathering at the dinner table, albeit unconsciously.  

You can only imagine what would happen if you accidentally tripped and fell into a full bathtub or live electrical wires during these unconscious moments of dramatization.  

Fortunately, CBD gummies may help address RBD. This is mainly due to cannabidiol’s efficacy in reducing the duration of REM sleep. 

  1. CBD Gummies May Relieve Grogginess 

Grogginess refers to increased sleepiness during the day. If left untreated, this condition can take a heavy toll on your daytime productivity.  

Not only can CBD gummies help you sleep better at night. Research suggests that cannabidiol may also relieve grogginess.  

Go for full-spectrum products to make the most of CBD gummies for grogginess. Full-spectrum CBD gummies contain cannabidiol and many other cannabinoids, including marijuana’s primary psychoactive chemical – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  

The THC in full-spectrum CBD gummies produces immense stimulating effects, while the CBD in these products prevents you from becoming too intoxicated. The net effect is optimized daytime productivity. 

  1. CBD Gummies May Relieve Pain and Anxiety 

Pain and anxiety are not sleep disorders in themselves. However, the two conditions are a leading cause of sleep deprivation. The good news is that CBD gummies may help address both problems. 

  1. CBD Gummies and Pain 

Cannabidiol alleviates pain by blocking the brain’s sensitivity to the vanilloid receptor, an endocannabinoid receptor that relays pain signals across the body.  

  1. CBD Gummies and Anxiety 

Studies have shown that CBD gummies may suppress cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Low cortisol levels in the bloodstream translate to less anxious feelings and potentially more restful sleep.  

Another way CBD gummies may fight anxiety-induced insomnia is by increasing the body’s access to ‘bliss’ hormones like serotonin and dopamine. 

Parting Shot 

Although cannabidiol gummies may promote restful sleep in multiple ways, these products are only effective if consumed in moderation. The conventional wisdom is to start small and build momentum slowly until you reach your ideal dosage, also known as your ‘sweet spot.’  

It would also be prudent to consult your doctor before using CBD gummies for sleep. This is especially if you’re already on other sleep medications.  

Last, only use CBD gummies if cannabidiol is legal in your jurisdiction.

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