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How Can Rental Bikes in Goa Make Your Trip More Enjoyable?

Goa is an irresistible tourist destination. The place beckons you with its magnificent
coastline, cultural richness, and lively nightlife. Since Goa begs you to let your hair down and have the time of your life, having reliable transportation to get you to the best parties and locations is important. People from all over the globe end up in Goa during the peak
seasons, so don’t think relying on cabs, autos, and public transportation is going to work in
your favour. 

Word to the wise, rental bikes in Goa are a blessing for every globetrotter who ends up in
this state. With a vehicle to take you to places on your own terms, you are going to have a
more enjoyable travel experience in Goa than anyone else. If you want to be at Arpora
during sunrise and show up at Vagator for a late-night beach party, there is no better way to travel than a bike. 

Still not convinced? Here are all the ways in which Goa bike rent will smoothen your

Check Off Every Box on the List 

If you have been to other cities in India, you know that cab and auto drivers will refuse to
give you a ride to certain locations without any reason. Now, when you are in Goa, you don’t want to miss the bustling Mapusa Market because someone refused to drive you there. With a rental bike, all you need to do is ride away to wherever your heart wants you to. You can even sit around and explore the location that has caught your eye without having anything else on your mind. 

If you are in Goa during the peak seasons, especially during Christmas and New Year’s,
navigating the crowd is going to be impossible. Besides, you would have to be really lucky to find a ride when you need it.

Affordable Fuel

Compared to the other States and UTs in India, fuel prices are extremely low in Goa. Even
when the rest of the country bears the brunt of rising fuel prices, the reduction of VAT to 0.1 per cent makes things easier for tourists. Any other mode of transport will hand you a bill that is slightly higher than the Goa bike rent and fuel price combined. 


Any trip becomes expensive when the small charges such as travel fare, food, and
entertainment. When you compare the cost of hailing a cab or auto to get everywhere and
the price of a rental bike, the latter is more economical. It is also better than having to walk to the exact spot you want to go to because other modes of transport won’t take you the last mile. Biking around Goa is a way to get to know the city, enjoy the sights, and enjoy maximum freedom while you are on holiday. 

Pristine Roads

Have you ever felt the high of driving on beautiful roads? If not, Goa offers the best chance
for that. Be it Calangute or Baga; you will see some of the best roads in the country. Now, if you think this is only applicable to the main roads, you are wrong. Even the by-lanes and
countryside roads are maintained in their best form. 

Rent a Bike in Goa

If you are worried about looking like a typical tourist on a bike, understand that Goa is safe
for tourists. This traveller’s heaven needs to be seen in the way a tourist would appreciate
the state deeply. Don’t hesitate and opt for Goa bike rent this time.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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