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How Building Links Can Boost the SEO for Your Website

Link building is a pretty essential part of SEO. A link building agency is deeply involved in the process of getting other websites to link to you, sort of like a system of recommendations. Let’s say you have a favourite blogger, and they link to a great product they tried out last weekend in their latest post. Fascinated and intrigued, you click on the link and find a new product you love. From the brand’s point of view, they’ve got a high-quality backlink that’s bringing them new traffic. Neat!

Link building has many uses. As any good link building agency will tell you, the greatest of these uses lies in the boost in authority and trustworthiness you get from being recommended by other websites. This, in turn, can boost your own ranking on search engine results pages!

In Google’s own words, “Google uses links as an important factor in determining the relevancy of web pages.” You would, consequently, do well to enlist the help of a quality link building agency to get all your SEO ducks in order!

Link Building: The Basics

As we said earlier, backlinks work as a kind of recommendation system where sites can cast votes of confidence towards other sites, almost as if they’re saying, hey, we trust this site, they have the good stuff! Link building agencies can help you get these votes of confidence with the right strategies.

Consequently, as any good link building agency will confirm, the best way to be seen as a heavyweight in your niche is to get links – votes of confidence – from high-quality websites that are themselves seen as trustworthy and reliable.

Google and other search engines all love great content, especially when it plays well with their search engine algorithms. Ultimately, their primary goal is to give their users great experiences. When you get link building right – sometimes a tricky goal to achieve without the help of a link building agency – you get to reap the rewards in the form of great SERP rankings!

The Best Ways to Get the Best Links

The best link building agencies use a variety of ways to score backlinks for their clients. This can involve a number of strategies, including:

  • Social media outreach and promotions
  • Reaching out individually – also called manual outreach
  • Blogging for other websites as a guest
  • Competitor research

And so on. The key to an effective link building strategy that works is ensuring, first of all, that you have content that’s worth linking back to, content that’s worth recommending to users. The best link building agencies focus on creating compelling content first, and then they put to use the specific strategies they have up their sleeves to get those sweet, sweet backlinks from others.

When you’re working with a link building agency to improve your SEO standing and ranking on search engines, you might find that link building is a rather delicate challenge. It’s difficult to get right and disastrous when attempted without the proper knowledge. However, when you find a link building agency that’s the right fit for you and find a strategy that works for you, you’ll find that link building is one of the most efficient and powerful ways of bringing in organic traffic to your site.

The Types of Links in Link Building

When you partner with a link building agency, they will explain that there are many different kinds of links they work with. These include:

  • No Follow and Follow Links

No follow links are used when you have a good link back that you don’t necessarily want Google crawling. This is useful when you want to link to a site without “recommending” it in the eyes of Google – such as when you don’t fully trust a site you’re linking to.

Follow links, on the other hand, are regular links you can use to “recommend” trusted sites in the eyes of Google. When you use a follow link, Google sends crawlers to the site you’ve linked to understand what their content is about.

  • User links

Not the favourite route of most link building agencies, user-generated links refer to links you put up yourself across the internet as a way to generate traffic. For instance, if you replied to a Tweet with a link to your website, you’re using a user-generated link. A link building agency can tell you that while useful and relevant once in a while, user-generated links are generally not regarded very highly by Google.

Examples of user links include:

  • Links on social media profile pages, such as bios and so on.
  • Comments on blog posts and social media posts linking to a website
  • Advertisements
  • Links embedded in infographics and widgets

While link building agencies will confirm there’s no harm in using these links, they aren’t an effective way to build your link profile either.

  • Natural Links

In other words, links in the wild! Link building agencies love these kinds of links. These are the backlinks that happen naturally: people who love your content endorse it and recommend it to their users by linking back to you. There’s no asking and no giving. Natural link backs can be found in many forms, from blog posts and product listings to link backs on other blogs and even images.

This is one of the best – and, naturally, most difficult – ways to build your link profile. When you’re linked to by a trustworthy and reliable website, you get the full benefits of a good link back!

The Upshot

Link building is a tricky business indeed; however, it’s also integral to your SEO strategy. When you partner with an experienced link building agency like AdLift, you get a world of knowledge and industry expertise to help you get the most out of your link profile and SEO! This way, you can focus on what really matters: running your business and building your brand!

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