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How B2Core Can Help You Elevate Your Brokerage

What if there was a tool that might assist you in elevating your brokerage and succeeding in the highly competitive world of Forex brokerages? There is one, and it’s called B2Core. This robust platform may help you automate company procedures and communicate with clients and brokers more easily. You’ll be able to operate more efficiently and effectively with B2Core Forex CRM, providing you the advantage you need to stay ahead of the curve. So, what exactly is B2Core? What makes it the greatest Forex software available? And how will it help your brokerage? Continue reading to discover!

What exactly is B2Core?

B2Core is a robust CRM platform created exclusively for Forex brokerages. It has a wide range of features and functionalities that may help you optimize your company processes and interact with clients and brokers more easily and efficiently.

A CRM system is required for any company that wishes to increase customer connections and optimize processes.

If you don’t use a CRM system, you’re probably passing up possibilities to grow your firm. How so? Let’s look at a few of the ways a CRM might help your brokerage:

1. Keep your leads structured and up to date.

A CRM system allows you to keep all of your leads’ information in one place, allowing you to conveniently track their progress and follow up with them in a timely manner. You’re less likely to forget about a lead or misplace their contact information this way.

2. Increase productivity and efficiency.

Your team may use a CRM system to automate monotonous chores like sending out welcome emails and scheduling appointments. This frees up time for your agents to focus on more important activities like nurturing client relationships and producing new business.

3. Enhance client service.

A CRM system allows you to keep track of every encounter you have with a client in order to deliver better service. If a client calls with a query, you can immediately look up their details and see where they are in the purchase process. This allows you to provide them the most pertinent information and answer any questions they may have.

4. Use data to make smarter choices.

A CRM system provides you with access to a variety of data that you can utilize to make better business choices. For example, you may optimize your marketing initiatives by analyzing data from your leads’ interactions with your website. Alternatively, you may leverage data from customer service encounters to improve the quality of your service.

5. Increase your revenue.

When implemented properly, a CRM system may help you increase sales and earn more cash for your company. For example, by following your prospects’ journey through the sales funnel, you may spot any bottlenecks that are stopping them from becoming clients. Then you may take efforts to eliminate bottlenecks and boost your conversion rate.

As you can see, a brokerage CRM system is a strong tool that may assist you in many ways in improving your brokerage firm. If you aren’t already utilizing a CRM, now is the time to start. It might be the key to propelling your company forward. And B2Core CRM provides you with all of the tools you need to do so.

Why B2Core Is the Best

All the tools and capabilities you require to simplify your brokerage operation are available in B2Core. You may interact with clients and brokers using a variety of its capabilities, automate your workflow, and enhance your customer service.

User Interface That Is Simple

Since first impressions count for a lot, use B2Core to get it right the first time. The front end of your website is the first thing visitors will see when they arrive, therefore it’s crucial to make sure it’s well-designed and animated to prevent any client misunderstanding. The last thing you want is for them to be instantly turned off by a front end that was badly planned or implemented.

B2Core offers a clean and modern user interface that is easy to use and navigate. The menus are intuitive and well organized, so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. The software is also responsive so that it will look great on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Depth Of The Market

You may view the market’s liquidity at various price levels with the help of Depth Widget. It may be applied as an overlay over the order book in the workspace. The widget shows the total number of buy and sell orders at each price level as well as their combined sizes. To evaluate the state of the market and make wise trading decisions, use this information. Users of the widget may always get a current perspective of the market because it is updated in real-time.

Built-in PSPs

Payment service providers, or integrated PSPs, can assist in streamlining a company’s payment procedure. Companies can permit the usage of more than 30 EMIs, or electronic money institutions, for payments by using B2Core. Costs can be brought down while efficiency is increased. Additionally, B2Core can facilitate payments for banks and other financial organizations. After completing the required documents, the integration procedure is quick and simple, taking only a few minutes to finish.

Affiliate Module for IB Room

In the world of forex and cryptocurrencies, the affiliate module is the most effective marketing instrument. A partner might be any trader. Simply register on the website and assemble your own trading team. You’ll make more money the more people you draw in. The profit potential is unlimited.


The “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure’s primary goal is to stop financial crimes including fraud and money laundering. KYC contributes to the development of a more secure financial system by guaranteeing that everyone who utilizes a broker or exchange has been thoroughly verified. B2Core can integrate any other providers that your clients may require in addition to offering ready integration with the top worldwide KYC providers.

Adjustments in bulk

Every administrator must be responsible for user management. The process of changing any component of the service — whether it be the addition or deletion of features, the adjusting of user permissions, or anything else — is made simpler by this new methodology. And it’s now easier than ever thanks to B2Core’s upgraded features. With a few clicks, the settings of several users might be altered. The B2Core team is striving to add many additional activities to the system, which can already do more than six.


More than a thousand attempts to hack B2 Core solutions were performed throughout the numerous vulnerability testing that were done. No one has been successful to thus point. Based on this knowledge, B2Core has created functionality that enables you to anticipate and prevent any mistakes. It is obvious that client safety is of the utmost importance. Use Google Authenticator with a phone number in addition to it for added security to make sure that only confirmed accounts may access the account.

Systems Integrations for Tickets

A variety of ticketing systems may be integrated with B2Core. This enables companies to enhance productivity and streamline their customer support procedures. Companies may improve the customer experience by ensuring that they always have access to the most recent information by using B2Core. Additionally, organizations may save time and money by integrating ticketing systems.

Training and Education

B2Core provides a range of instructional resources and documentation to assist with thorough team training! The training programs are made to provide your personnel with the information and abilities they need to be successful in their positions. There is a sizable online library for the solution that provides a wide range of materials, including instructional videos, articles, presentations, and more.


Broker CRM is a crucial component of your company. It aids in the management of operations, sales, and clients. For brokers dealing in FOREX and cryptocurrencies, B2Core provides a whole solution. The platform has a lot of features and is simple to use. Additionally, new integrations and functionality are added to it on a regular basis. Some of the top brokers in the world rely on B2Core for a reason. B2Core’s solid and dependable platform may assist you in growing your company.

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