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How Apps Can Improve Your Hike

Hiking is a great way to connect with nature and get away from technology. However, using an app can help you get more from your hike.

Your smartphone or tablet offers access to thousands of mobile apps. Here are a few tips for using these apps to improve your hike.

Plan and Track Your Routes With an App

Hiking and walking apps often include route-planning features. You can view and edit routes on a map of the hiking trails that you plan on visiting.

Route planning helps reduce the chances of surprises, such as closed trails and potential hazards. You also gain a better idea of the length of the route, which can help as you select food and gear.

Reviewing your route ahead of time should also decrease your risk of ending up off-trail. You could also share your route with friends or family as an added precaution.

Use a Mobile App to Find Nearby Trails

A hiking app may be the perfect way to find your next trail. The US National Park Service oversees over 21,000 combined miles of trails, giving you many options for your next hiking trip.

The variety of options can also be overwhelming. Using a hiking app can help you narrow your options and search for trails that meet specific criteria. For example, you may want to search for hiking trails based on difficulty level, length, or access to nearby amenities.

Share Your Hike With Others

Some hiking apps allow you to share routes with other users. After completing a hiking trail, you can upload and share your experience.

Many hiking apps use GPS location data to track your movements. Your route is stored in the app, allowing you to reuse it or share it.

The information that you share may help other hikers interested in visiting the same trails. You can provide advice or insight that may help improve their hikes.

Set and Track Specific Hiking or Fitness Goals

Some hiking apps include helpful fitness-tracking features that you can use to set and track goals. Using the app to track your hikes may also help keep you motivated.

For example, the app that you choose may track your total distance traveled and other fitness data that you can use to check your progress. You may also track the time it takes to complete a specific route and then try to beat your time on later hikes.

The best way to see how a hiking app can improve your hikes is to download one and test it yourself. Compare options and try the one that includes the features that you want most, such as route planning or fitness tracking.

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