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How an ERP software can improve your logistics management process?

With Transport ERP Software, information is consolidated in a single location. From orders through incoming and outbound sales, delivery, and inventory management, logistical information may be controlled from a single source. Once collected and organised, this information helps the organisation to implement the best practices for forecasting and decision-making about management, inventories, commodities, and staff.

So, let us see how eresource 3GL ERP for Transportation can significantly improve your logistics management process.

The benefits of ERP software for logistics management

A concise yet comprehensive examination of the benefits of such software:

  • Controlled Transportation Of Goods Between Warehouses

Create an inventory transfer paperwork quickly. Manage, evaluate, and shift your inventory between your warehouses accurately and on schedule.

  • Receiving Your Inventory At A Certain Warehouse

Receive inventory at any storage facility. Here, you will indicate the warehouse where you intend to receive the goods and its location after receiving the order.

  • Deliver Orders From A Certain Warehouse

Specify the location from which the shipment will originate. When a sales order is satisfied, the inventory in that particular area will immediately drop.

  • Monitor Order Status

Control the placement of your orders at several warehouses. Track and print order lists after completing the shipping process for better tracking and administration.

  • Record And Sell Your Goods

Establish a new warehouse. Transfer inventory and fulfill or ship orders from this new location.

  • Manage Your Warehouses According To Location.

Remotely manage your warehouses. Select a location and examine the following: inventory, orders, the latest item bought, replenishment rate, profit amount, and profit margins.

Eresource 3GL Transport ERP Software will help you save money. Research indicates that an ERP reduces operational and administrative expenses by 23% and 22%, respectively. Companies needing a customised ERP system will have the option to modify the software to their specifications. Another survey confirms that 93% of users adjust their ERP system to meet specific requirements.

Some fundamental characteristics of an ERP logistics system:

  • Inventory records

Displaying all your items in a list is one of the most beneficial advantages. You can sort, categorise, and arrange these items into groups or classes. Here you can discover a detailed inventory, cost, weighted average cost, replenishment, and inventory history display. A comprehensive display panel allows unrestricted access to all data about the goods in a listing for which you alone define the criteria.

  • Variables and specifics of Expenses

Here, you may add information to individual products and product categories. Add variations and specifics, including SKU IDs, barcodes, and vendor codes. Size, weight, and price choices might also be included. In addition, you will be able to control expenses and visualise them through price display panels such as wholesale, retail, tax, etc.

  • Product Background

Each product will have its tracker, which will have a history of its movements. This feature has several applications. It facilitates replenishment, assists teams with planning and allocation, and records dates to document each step from product receipt to shipping.

  • Lowering Your Shipping And Handling Expenses

The improved data accuracy provided by ERP software will substantially benefit expenditure management. It will allow you to discover your business’s primary expenditures, cut them, and make more intelligent choices. You will no longer depend on unwanted or poor counsel; ERP software guarantees that all your decisions are data-driven.


In conclusion, an ERP for Transportation system offers excellent inventory management for a more efficient corporate management approach. Not only will you enhance your logistics with the help of numerous software solutions, but you will also save time. By maintaining a well-organised warehouse inventory, eresource 3GL ERP software enables product traceability and efficient personnel management. You can optimise expenses and boost staff efficiency if you have access to a plethora of data on every production area.

Last but not least, you can detect and strengthen weak links in your manufacturing line, resulting in a more effective operation. Choosing a competent ERP system such as eresource 3GL ERP is vital for every firm that wishes to boost production while decreasing the logistical and administrative expenses inherent to business administration.

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