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How An Electric Vehicle Can Change Your Life

Electric vehicles are becoming more common across the United States. As the government and private businesses are making investments in the infrastructure to allow EVs to travel and find charging stations, you may find that owning an EV can change your life. Driving an EV isn’t much different than driving a gas guzzler. You may need some different accessories, such as an EV battery charging cable, but you’ll still be able to get around town and even do some traveling without increasing your carbon footprint.

Charge At Home

Your daily routine shouldn’t change much but you’ll be able to charge at home each night while you sleep. With a car EV charger, you can come home to relax after a hard day in the office and use the “my car needs to charge” to get out of obligations. In reality, your car will probably get a range of 300 miles or more on one charge. If you’re thinking of buying an electric car, range is the one thing you should check, because some cars only get 100 miles per charge. The Lucid Air gets over 500 miles per charge.

Reduced Maintenance

Electric cars don’t have a gasoline engine. They won’t require as much maintenance as your car that uses gas. EVs don’t have spark plugs. You won’t have to go in for routine oil changes. There’s no timing belt. The engine of an EV won’t have maintenance. You’ll still have to take care of the tires and other systems, but it’s estimated that you’ll save $1,500 or more in maintenance costs over the life of your EV.

Save Money at The Gas Station

With an EV battery charger, you may never have to visit the gas station and pay those high prices again. You may still have to keep an eye on the charging volume of your car to make sure you have enough juice to get home but avoiding the gas station gas pumps will keep your hands clean and your pockets fuller. You may need to plan your routes differently to make sure you can charge your car when you’re traveling. It might take you places you never would think about to see things you can only find off the beaten path.

Environmentally Friendly

When you’re driving an EV, you become more aware of the environment and your impact on it. It’s not just about gas, although that is a big part of it. You begin to think about how you’re not contributing to air pollution when you’re on the road. Your lifestyle may change as your mindset changes. You start to realize how your carbon footprint impacts your community. Driving an EV is environmentally friendly, but it can change your life.

Although many of the federal tax credits for EVs are being phased out, there are still many other benefits to owning an electric vehicle. Some locations offer free tolls or free parking for electric vehicles. You will probably find other benefits as you start to drive one. Take the plunge and invest in an electric car. Shop for accessories that make your EV fit into your lifestyle.

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