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How about our feelings about Suzuki XL7?


Autofun Philippines – Since owning a Suzuki XL7, Ms. Nhu Hai feels that she has more control over her life and is more independent, not only because of her family’s happiness but also because of meaningful trips with her loved ones. And you can search for useful information about Suzuki XL7 price Philippines here.

Today’s modern mothers are not only better at work but also active and independent in life. However, taking care of family happiness is still a woman’s great responsibility. Today’s woman who knows how to drive and drive well can not only move independently and autonomously but also better take care of her loved ones, the car is like a protective companion. Safe and healthy for all family members. 

Nhu Hai is a typical young modern mother. She left the office and business after the birth of a baby, the need for a “multipurpose” travel car became urgent and the Suzuki XL7 was the young mother’s choice. In fact, Ms. Hai’s family already owns a van used by her husband, but for the purpose of safe and convenient transportation on the street to pick up and drop off children every day, XL7 is added to this line of cars. 

Family utility with high ground SUV design, can carry the whole family with 7 seats. For the purpose of transporting children to school, work and sometimes weekends back home in Dong Nai, a multi-purpose vehicle, carrying many people, spacious to store things is the first choice. Suzuki XL7 meets almost all of Hai’s needs, not only that, this is also a fuel-efficient car, maintenance costs are also affordable, not too expensive like large 7-seater cars. .

Suzuki XL7 has a high driving position with a wide view, the size of the car is not too bulky to help you feel more confident when driving.

For Ms. Hai’s “young” customers, Suzuki XL7 is especially popular because cold drinks are always available thanks to the cooler compartment equipped on the car, when coming home from school, you can sit in the car to relax. stretch. . longing for instant relaxation. Spacious, comfortable space is also a factor that makes this car family-friendly.

Through the story of Ms. Hai, it can be seen that a practical, multi-use car for the whole family is very necessary for modern Vietnamese women. Due to daily use, low fuel costs and low maintenance are also priority selection criteria. This is the whole reason Suzuki XL7 convinces Nhu Hai to become an indispensable companion of the family.

Many people think that small and pretty cars are suitable for women, but for modern young mothers, a small 7-seater SUV is “true love”. Suzuki XL7 is one of the options that not only has a reasonable price but also has a modern, stylish look for female drivers. The high driving position, wide visibility, not too bulky car size, soft steering wheel help women’s control become more confident. Not stopping there, full safety equipment and ISOFIX standards for child seats are also a valuable point on Suzuki XL7.

(*) SUV is a sport utility vehicle. Suzuki XL7 belongs to the SUV line, referred to as XL7 for short.

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