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Fast House Cleaning Tips


Fast House Cleaning Tips can help you keep your home sparkling and sanitary without having to spend hours cleaning. In addition to vacuuming floors, you should dust your home and clean electronic devices. If you want to give your home a deep clean before a guest arrives, read on for quick tips. In addition to following a step-by-step guide, you can also follow a checklist of maintenance items.

Vacuuming floors before guests arrive

Vacuuming floors before guests arrive is an important part of the cleaning process. You should focus on cleaning areas with high traffic such as the entryway and living room. This way, you can make sure there is no visible debris or dirt. If possible, use a cordless vacuum so you can move from room to room while vacuuming.

Vacuuming electronic devices

Rather than buying a special vacuum cleaner, you can clean electronic devices by using distilled water and rubbing alcohol. The solution can be combined in a spray bottle. Spray it onto the screen and wipe off the dirt using a microfibre cloth. If the dirt is too stubborn to wipe off, a cotton Q-tip can be used. Always make sure to turn off the device before using the solution.


Dusting is an essential part of the house cleaning process. You should dust every room at least once a week. It will take you just a few minutes each day. Make sure to dust vertical surfaces like bookcases and picture frames. It is also important to dust furniture and window screens. If possible, use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush attachment.

Vacuuming ceilings

Vacuuming the ceilings of your home is a very efficient way to quickly clean the entire room. Unlike carpeting, ceilings can easily become dusty and dirty. Vacuuming the ceiling is a very quick process, and it can also help you keep your walls and windows looking as clean as new. You can use a standard vacuum to vacuum these surfaces, and you can also attach a brush attachment to your vacuum to clean the surface.

Cleaning hard-to-reach places

It can be hard to reach the highest corners or the baseboards in a room. Fortunately, experts have tips for cleaning these areas. A step stool can be a helpful cleaning tool.

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