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Higher Education In The Czech Republic

After graduating from high school in Pakistan, graduates choose European universities of higher learning, which give them the opportunity to acquire high-quality knowledge and skills with the potential for successful work in the EU. Studying in the Czech Republic has become popular among Pakistan students for good and clear reasons: Free education in a friendly and civilized European country with the ability to learn three languages.

An overview of higher education in the Czech Republic

Czech university students are school graduates who have passed the degree competition and passed the exams or college entrance exams, which it is provided by law. Higher education in the Czech Republic is free, students pay a small entrance fee, and also cover room, meals, transportation, etc. on campus.

The duration of study for the bachelor’s degree is 3-4 years, for the master’s degree – 1-3 more years, and for the doctor of science, the student completes the doctoral studies (plus 3-4 years). The exact duration of the study depends on the system of accumulation of ECTS points on the success of the selected major and student.

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Czech students plan the learning process independently: they take the courses and time required to pass the exams, or they do pay for internships at various companies, medical clinics, or other institutions. There is no special difficulty in working with a Certificate of Certificate, it is recognized and included in the European Union, United States, Canada, etc.

Features of higher education in the Czech Republic

The reasons for the arrival of foreign applicants in the Czech Republic are listed below.

1. Czech academies, colleges, and universities 

provide free and paid education to foreign students. And the cost of education here is lower than in similar European programs.

2. education in Czech universities

At the same time, the quality of education in Czech universities is at a decent level; For example, graduates of economics and medical faculties are highly educated in the labor market, specializing in computer technologies and electronics. Values

3. Cheaper than neighboring European countries.

The standard of living of students in the Czech Republic fully meets the requirements of culture, housing, food prices, transportation, etc. They are cheaper than neighboring European countries.

4. The Czech Republic ranks 21st

 in the ranking of most friendly countries for life, this indicator is better than France, Poland, or Italy. The terms of personal security, for example, in 2018, the country ranked seventh in the world.

The universities of the Czech Republic, foreign students now make up 10-15% of the total students, and this number is increasing every year. In addition to the obvious benefits of Czech education, foreigners are fascinate by the fascinating history and architecture of ancient Moravia, the friendliness of the local population, and the serene atmosphere.

Czech universities: How to admit a foreigner.

Higher education in the Czech Republic is also provided free of charge to Pakistani, and Bangladesh students. Providing knowledge of the Czech language (Level B2). Universities offer language courses, with annual tuition costs between 2.5 and 5,000 euros. He is also allowe to learn the language on his own. Then future students will take the exam and get the language certificate of the required level. Czech schooling is slowly becoming a popular method: after 9th grade, Pakistan students enter Czech secondary schools. Learn the language, and easily pass the local university admissions process.

Even in the Czech Republic, it is possible to get an internship in English. For this, a set of documents is sent to the university along with the relevant programs, which include a certificate of proficiency in English (Level B2). For example, Charles University invites future doctors and lawyers for paid training in English. Prague Academy of Arts invites film and television professionals, and Czech Technical University architects, electronics engineers, and media. Trains professionals. The cost of higher education for students in English ranges from 2.8 to 17,000 euros per year.

Universities in the Czech Republic

There are universities in the Czech Republic where in some areas education is also given in the Pakistan language. Czech Technical University (Biomedical Engineering), Higher School of Economics (Management, Economics), Banking Institute (Bank), etc. For admission to budget places at these universities, foreign students offer a certificate of proficiency in the Czech language. At level B2 and pay the tuition fee – from 2.5 thousand euros per year.

The documents submitted to the selected university admissions committee are notified by translated into Czech. The scheduled admission schedule is from February to March. Other requirements for foreign applicants are the same as for domestic school graduates. For example, an unlimited number of applications for admission is allow (each fee ranges from 15 to 20 euros).

Upon confirmation of university admission, the student applies for a student visa, and after graduation. It is possible to convert this visa into a work visa: 90-95% of Czech university graduates easily work in local or international organizations. Can find And business gives legal residency in the country for 10 years the right to Czech citizenship. So spending time studying at university becomes the first step toward gaining European status. Higher education in the Czech Republic is no longer a distant dream for Pakistan. Today, this is the reality for many Pakistan graduates and students.

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