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Here’s Why Businesses Should Look for a Corporate Photographer

Many professional photographers love working with corporate clients. They often have clear visions for what they want in an image and the budget to help make it happen. However, corporate photography requires a special set of skills that are different from those needed for artistic or wedding shoots. Below is a look at what corporate photography is and what sets it apart from other types of professional photography.

Corporate Event Photography

Corporate events and conventions are some of the biggest dates on corporate calendars every year. These events are when companies can really show off and people can network with reckless abandon. A corporation will sometimes spend millions of dollars on a single event, and they want to look good. They will want portrait shots of important speakers as well as the CEO and board members. 

For a corporate photographer, this gig involves many different types of photography including action shots, candids, closeup portraiture, and more, all in a variety of lighting arrangements. They are tasked with shooting the entire event, capturing the essence of that company. They might want to convey a sense of corporate professionalism, or they might want to show everyone how much fun they are having. Event photography is important because it can be used in marketing material. It can also be used to recruit new talent to the team when they see how much fun everyone is having working for that company. 

Brand Photography

When people think of branding, they think of logos, colors, and fonts. While those things are part of branding, they only tell part of the story. A corporation knows that all imagery is part of their brand, and that includes photographs. Branding photography is a suite of images that represent their company. Those images could represent their company’s visual identity by featuring those logos, colors, and fonts in action. Corporate photographers know this and are skilled in techniques to make that happen. 

The point of brand photography is to make a business look its best through a series of high-quality, consistent photos. A company can build a great brand presence through consistent messaging that includes images. A good photographer can capture the personal touches of a company in action while also highlighting their brand. Seeing behind the curtain makes customers more likely to trust the brand. A series of images that are related to one another will make that company instantly recognizable out in the world, which is an invaluable service.

Branding photography also works on a business-to-business basis or if a company is trying to potentially attract investors. Maybe the company in question is looking for new capital to get a project off the ground. An investor is more likely to give the green light if that company looks like it is successful. Their peers and investors could potentially be swayed by great branding that showcases their company as the gold-standard. A great corporate photographer can help convey that message.

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