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Here’s How To Get A Free Laptop For College

Tell your parents you want a new laptop

Now that college is coming close, most kids are looking forward to it. One of the things many students struggle with is finding a computer they like and learning how to use it.

Most schools allow students to bring their own device to school, so why not get them a gift card or make an offer to buy one?

There are several companies out there who will give away a brand new laptop periphylarly to going to college. Most of these services cost anywhere from $150-500 dollars, but what they truly reward you with is helping you find success in technology and educating yourself.

This article will talk about some great ways to ask your parent if they know anything about laptops and tech and whether or not they would be interested in buying one as a gift.

Once you have their blessing, then you can start shopping!

Ask your friends to borrow their laptops

Many students struggle with spending money due to the expensive cost of tuition, room and board, books, and other fees. So, many colleges have a program where they give you a free laptop!

Most college libraries will allow you to use their internet connection to check your email, look up information, and do some light research online. Libraries typically pay between $100-$150 per month to connect to the internet so it is very common for them to offer a computer or phone charger as well.

If you are really dedicated to using the library service then maybe ask if there is any extra credit available or try to earn more credits by doing other things like keeping the collection organized or running errands for the department.

It is totally fine to take advantage of these services but make sure to leave them in a place that can easily be found so people don’t lose track of it.

Use your credit card to get a new laptop

Many companies will let you take advantage of their monthly rewards programs by using your credit card. These reward cards typically offer free laptops or other computer equipment as an incentive to use their service.

Some services even allow you to purchase a new Clevo PA71 laptop with no money up front! It is not guaranteed that such a reward program exists at every company, but it is worth looking into if you want a new device.

By signing up for this reward system, you would have to pay the initial cost of the laptop later when you are able to make payments. This could be through paying off the debt in half or completely skipping a payment, depending on how much credit you have.

Use your student loan to get a new laptop

Many college students have their financial lives organized around expenses like tuition, rent, and eating food every day. Others manage to find ways to make studying more efficient by buying their own books or using an app that helps them study.

But what if you could combine the two? What if there was a way to get a free laptop with a computer service that can help you learn how to use it? You would still need to pay for the device, of course!

There are several companies that offer this type of service. Some will even lower down payment requirements depending on whether you already have a computer or not. By investing in their services, you get yourself a new computer and some lessons under your belt at no cost!

Sell your old laptop

Many students find it difficult to afford all of the college-related supplies and equipment that they need. Companies offer student discounts, so why not take advantage of those and get some extra money?

There are many ways to make money online these days, but one of the most popular is selling products online. This can be done through sites or apps where you create an account and then upload and promote what you have to sell.

It’s totally free to do this! You can even use their tools to help you run your business and grow. And while it may seem odd to try and profit by selling something you don’t use yourself, remember, these companies want to switch up their inventory so they’re willing to pay good money for something new.

And since they know you’re trying to improve your career by getting more education, they’ll often give you a discount to show gratitude for that.

Use your savings

A lot of companies will send you free laptops if you are saving up enough money. This is an incredible way to get yourself a computer that fits your needs!

Mostly, these laptops come with an internet connection and use Google Apps such as Gmail, YouTube, and Office 365. If you don’t have those things yet, you can easily download them later.

There may be some restrictions depending on what apps you already own, but this is totally worth it since it’s free! You would only need to pay for software licenses or data plans

Some examples of free laptops include:

Give away netbooks from Walmart or Best Buy

Ask professors if they’re offering technology tools like Chromebooks

Survey students to see if they’d accept a gift laptop

Do online research to find out which brands people trust and are consistent across the web

Check Out Your Local Technology Stores

These days, there are lots of great tech stores where you can pick up new gadgets at very affordable prices. Many offer student discounts or credit cards that work just like normal ones so you won’t even know you’re paying less!

By going in without any intentions, you could end up with something really useful (and beautiful)!

I’ve seen many schools start using Amazon Echo devices as lecture listening machines because they are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. I think that’s pretty cool!

Beg your roommate

A lot of students start their college career with an expensive smartphone that they use as their main device. Because most schools offer technology courses, you can usually find someone who doesn’t have one yet!

By asking your roommates if they would be willing to give up theirs, we are able to obtain a very inexpensive laptop or even free access to one.

Roommate giveaways happen all the time- most people don’t realize what kind of student resources they have. For example, many universities allow students to check out books from their library, which is great because some people didn’t know they could do that!

Using our example, if your roommate isn’t using their phone much anymore and only uses it to take pictures and videos, they probably don’t need it. They can easily donate it to charity or sell it and make money off of it.

A lot of times, people feel guilty about “losing” their old device, so many will let others use it before donating it. This is helpful in creating more computer space for other users!

If you read this article first, I bet you already have a plan to get yourself a new laptop! Good luck getting things done though without a computer :).

Tell your parents you want a new laptop

It is very common for technology companies to offer discounts or free laptops to students. If possible, let your parents know that you desire a new computer so that they can look into getting you one of those computers.

Some schools will even pay to have them installed at their home or office if you purchase things such as groceries, clothes, or electronics in their store. This is not only nice for you, but also helps their business!

Student loans are expensive, making it difficult to spend money without a budget. A lot of people begin using credit cards which add to this problem. By obtaining an additional gift card or laptop, you can reduce the cost of tuition.

Tell your friends you want a new laptop

Now that school is back in, many educational institutions are holding fundraisers or events to promote an online education. Some of these events include movie nights, games with prizes, and even donating money to a cause.

If you know anyone who is attending one of those events, then chances are they will be given a voucher for a free computer or smartphone!

Don’t worry about them asking if you have yours already – it’s totally normal to feel nervous about being able to afford something after everything gets expensive during the pandemic, including tuition.

But don’t let that keep you from requesting a gift card or two! By letting people know about this article, you can increase your chance of getting some cheap tech swag.

And remember, it’s not just because you ask that they must give you what you asked for, so do not get upset if someone does not go into too much detail.

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