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Here’s How Flat Cut Metal Letters May Work for You


Dimensional lettering signs may also take the form of flat-cut metal letters. Originally, they employ a flat metal sheet for fabrication. These external signs UK may be fashioned from a selection of metals, including aluminum, bronze, brass, and stainless steel.

The finishing procedure, which occurs after the letter cutting, involves removing any burrs from the surface. The next step is applying a natural satin finish. The letter may stay in this state or colored by painting or submerging it in a bath.

While the metal letters themselves are not lighted, they may be illuminated by placing lights around or near them. Check out channel letters by signage makers near me such as Signworld in UK if you need bright, oversized characters.

In What Ways Are Metals Distinctive?

Aluminum has the lowest price of all metals, is the lightest, and does not rust. Additionally, it is the most well-liked option available. It looks great either silver or painted. 

The two main varieties of aluminium letters include those that cut from a solid metal plate and those that cast. Cast aluminium letters are less expensive since they are hollow on the back. 

When the cast aluminium letters attach to a wall or other flat surface, the hollow centre is out of sight.

Stainless steel is the second most common material after aluminium for external signs. Following brass and bronze in popularity is bronze. Metals like bronze and brass may polish into a shiny mirror sheen with the right tools and technique. In time, a green layer will form on bronze.

So why do we need metal letters?

  • First, metal letters convey power and refinement with their classic good looks.
  • Metal comes in a wide variety of styles and typefaces. 
  • You have the option of giving your metal letters a vintage or contemporary appearance.
  • They are sturdy and will not break or fade easily.
  • They are versatile enough for both inside and out.

How Do They Make Those Letters Out of Flat Metal?

They are laser and high-pressure water cut for accuracy. The letters come from a flat piece of metal. Small characters and letters may have their fine intricacies and sharp edges crafted using water jets.

Do They Offer Customized Fonts and Numbers?

In a word, yes. Metal may be laser engraved with your company’s logo or any other design you choose. You may contact a reputable company. However, signage makers near me in UK are a lot, but the best ones have to Signworld group!

Steps to ensure proper placement and installation

Stud-mounting is the best method to secure metal lettering to the wall. This is a really basic process. The letters have to be placed where you have marked them. Next, you take measurements to guarantee a perfect fit of the external signs.

After making any necessary modifications, you will next drill holes in the wall and insert the letters. Once you’re happy with the positioning, you may adhere the letters to the wall using the studs that protrude from the rear.

Mounting Options

Pins, rail, or wall-mounted, your sign may be installed in a variety of configurations. Whether or not you want your sign to be illuminated, whether or not you will need to access the internal wall behind the sign, and the state of the wall into which you will be mounting the sign are all factors to consider when making your decision.

Flush Mounted

Wall-mounted or glued letters are the simplest installation method. This mount works with either non-illuminated flat cut letters or front-lit built-up lettering with lights. Your wall must be flat and sturdy for this to operate. 

Access to the wall behind the sign is necessary for wiring and power packs for front-lit lettering to be installed. Each letter has a hole cut into the wall behind it. Hence, the wires may feed through and attach to the power supply on the inside wall.

Pin Mounted

By pinning them to the studs, you may give your display some depth. For Halo Lit external signs, this is vital in order to produce the light behind the individual letters. Each letter has to be a minimum of 0.5cm away from the wall when fastened.

Rail Mounted

Aluminum tubing may employ coating to blend in with the wall. Moreover,  rails can be created if the wall is too thin for flush or pin attachment. Next, we pin the letters on the rail. You may not want to drill holes in your wall or the bricks could be ancient and uneven.

Tray Mounted

A mounting device known as a tray or a raceway must be constructed to encapsulate all the electrical power packs and transformers if a back wall is not available behind a sign with front-lit or halo-lit letters. 

The tray is then fixed on the wall, and the letters are attached to it. To save money on maintenance in the long run, signage makers near me in UK such as Signworld make their trays with hinges on two opposite sides.

Take Away

If you’re curious about this different kind of lettering, check out the Signworld helpful resource page on 3D dimensional letters. They offer all types of external signs that might help you stand out even in the crazy crowd!

The metal letter external signs are important for their versatility, durability, and resistance against many harsh weather conditions. Hence, they don’t need repairing all the time!

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