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Here’s What to Do to Improve Fuel Economy

The car brings a lot of comfort but at a certain cost. As a car owner, you often need to fill your car tank up to drive to your destination. But, have you ever paid attention to the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Most car owners generally come to know about the mileage at the time of purchase. However, a well-performing car might have an astonishing mileage but these figures generally are recorded under favourable conditions. Most of these conditions are hard to meet in a real-time environment.

However, there are ways available to improvise the fuel economy of your car if you are really keen on improving your car mileage.

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Change Your Car Gears Efficiently

A car driver must know the proper gear to increase a car’s efficiency in terms of fuel. However, driving in a lower gear with higher RPM consumes more fuel. On the other hand, most cars result in higher fuel efficiency when the RPM remains in between the 1500 to 2000 range.

Besides, driving a car in a lower gear at high RPM will generally lead to premature wear and tear to the transmission system.

A worn-out transmission generally hints about damage, if you notice something unusual with your car transmission. Do not delay to have a transmission inspection at a trusted workshop such as Service My Car. Our experts bring a specialization in car transmission repair.

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Always Focus On Driving Steadily

Many car drivers are used to the jackrabbit start, especially at the red lights while making use of the hard brakes to stop the high acceleration.

Such a driving habit hurts the fuel economy of your vehicle. By avoiding the rapid acceleration as well as hard brakes, you can improve the mileage from 10 to 40 per cent. Besides, you also keep safe the car’s engine and other components from premature wear and tear.

The rapid acceleration does have an impact on the car’s engine as well as the timing belt. If you drive your car in this manner, your car engine will surely need repair sooner or later. In case you need a specialist for your car repair, approach the Service My Car for a quality car engine repair as well as a timing belt replacement.

Apart from that, you have to keep in mind to avoid the drive just after starting your car. If you minimize the cold engine driving, it would result in increased fuel efficiency.

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Pay Attention to Good Car Maintenance

A well-maintained car always delivers high efficiency. A regular and on-time service induces the clean air filter and the fuel filter. A clogged air filter cannot provide enough air for the air and fuel mixture and often results in poor mileage.

During car maintenance, you can opt for car scanning and diagnostics to pinpoint the exact issue. However, an expert would be a better choice to carry out such tasks. The Service My Car is the one-stop solution for your car needs whether it is air filter replacement or oil filter replacement.

A car service does not bring ample effect to the fuel economy. But, every small improvisation is necessary for the aggregate performance of the car.


Maintain Optimal Tyre Pressure

Inadequate tyre pressure generally hurts the fuel efficiency of a car. It is necessary to have the recommended tyre pressure that the manufacturer suggests.

Improper tyre pressure puts excess loads on the engine. However, a low-pressure tyre is always prone to flat tyre conditions that you would not like to have when you have to reach your destination on time.

However, you can opt for roadside assistance in case of an emergency from the Service My Car.

tyre pressure

Utilize Your Car AC Efficiently

Surely, you can add up your mileage by utilizing your car’s air conditioner. Consistent usage of your car air conditioner may decrease the car mileage by up to 30 per cent.

It would not be quite comfortable riding without an air conditioner under hot weather conditions. But, your car’s air conditioner works at its optimal level, turning your AC off frequently during a ride.

However, a car’s air conditioner needs to work efficiently too and it should not have any issue with any of its components. In case you feel there is a need for car ac repair or ac gas refill, head towards the Service My Car.


Try To Avoid Idling

Car idling signifies not moving your car, even if the engine is turned on. It seems pointless to keep your car’s engine even when have to stop for a considerable time. Just turn the ignition off and also try to switch the air conditioner off.

These simple tips turn out to be great solutions when it comes to improvising the fuel economy of your car.


Check Out For Wheels Misalignment

The wheel misalignment often drags your car to a side of the road while putting extra load on the car engine.

It is always necessary to keep a check over the wheel alignment, or the suspension system. Such car issues often result in increased fuel efficiency.

Besides, they also invite unexpected breakdowns that you won’t like as a car owner. However, you can take the assistance of a trusted service provider such as Service My Car for proper wheel alignment. For example, You located in Manchester and need wheel alignment then you can easily book services on our website or app, you can also get services according to your brand and location as well, like Toyota Manchester and many more.


Offload the Unnecessary Weight

Added weight can increase the fuel mileage too. Thus, it is necessary to offload the extra weight if you have any in your car to increase your car’s fuel economy.

Try to avoid filling up the tank as it also adds weight to your car. However, it also has a downs side as you might end up with a low fuel that pressurizes the fuel pump too.

You cannot improve the car mileage by implementing one or two hacks. However, a collective execution surely produces the desired results if you have a keen focus on fuel economy. Besides, if you need a trusted service provider, just call us or book a service online.

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