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Here are 7 reasons why you weren’t promoted. 

You could lose a lot of money if you place too much focus on “getting the job done” and not enough on your professional path. The secret to having a career rather than just a paycheck may be to take your head off the grindstone occasionally. 

Here, we’ll discuss 7 strategies for enhancing your standing among your coworkers.

  1. You consider tenure to be a promotion requirement.

Imagine you’re in a job for five years and your team leader announces she’s retiring. The next day, your teammate with 18 months on the job is selected to succeed her. You congratulate her and go home and cry because you didn’t realize tenure was a factor.

In a union shop, seniority may be a given, but anywhere else it’s not a good idea. When team members know the only way to a promotion is to outlast their coworkers, who’s ever going to step up and volunteer to improve processes?

  1. Being a subject matter expert is insufficient

You’ll gain recognition above and beyond that of an individual contributor, and you’ll begin to be seen as a leader. You spend extra time learning it to a point where you’re helping your coworkers. 

Here’s where you can support both your group and yourself at once. Does your boss know that you are assisting your coworkers?

  1. Act the part instead of just dressing the part.

In a business casual workplace, it’s easy to spot the person dressing for success every day. But don’t assume a power tie or a nice outfit will get you a job anywhere. It’s substance, not style, that’ll get you promoted in the corporate world.

Leaders don’t wait to be told to lead. 

They see an issue and recognize the need for action. They help and mentor team members. And when it comes time to fill a leadership position, their work habits make it very hard to look elsewhere. When our department was outsourced to an overseas company, guess who they kept.

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  1. Be careful in your attitude and your choice of words.

You’ll improve your prospects of progression in addition to developing your technical skills by supporting the workplace culture. It’s not about giving your coworker the slip or buying the boss a donut every morning. Many businesses are aware of this and promote an environment that is welcoming and friendly.

Showing up at the office holiday party or picnic can help you meet people who can have a big impact on your future. An open bar and a few free drinks aren’t worth the bad rep that’ll stick with you. Sometimes saying nothing is the best course of action.

  1. You need strategic communication

Being detail oriented is one thing. But knowing who to speak with, how much to say, and when to say it is another. Being able to acknowledge the situation, take ownership and communicate an effective solution shows that you’ve focused on the resolution and are ready to move forward.

  1. You failed to request it or explain your desires.

It’s time to start making your intentions known to your manager. Create a development plan and set up a regular communications session with him/her. Discuss each requirement, whether you already meet it, and what you would need to do to do so. You have to ask for what you want at some point.

  1. Put Yourself in Position to Succeed

Why is it crucial to consider supervisors rather than just your prospective next remote job?

Have you ever questioned why the New England Patriots have won six Super Bowls and often make it far into the playoffs? Yes, Tom Brady has been among the NFL’s most accomplished, competitive quarterbacks.

Bill Belichick, the Patriots’ coach, is also responsible for a large part of their success. Belichick possesses the unique ability to create systems and lead in ways that account for weaknesses in talent, personality, and injuries.

He recruits average players from different teams, integrates them into his system, and they succeed. The group never falters. Every week, depending on their opponent, he develops a different strategy.


Sometimes it’s possible to fall into an unfair situation regardless of how hard you work. In most cases, trying to see the situation through your manager’s eyes should increase your chances for promotion. 

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