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What is React Native Debugger? Guide To Install and Debug Your Reactive Native App

Developing apps and finding problems require debugging. Software development can be completed more quickly and effectively with a good understanding of reactive native debugger. The following are some typical methods for React Native Debugger:

  • Chrome browser logging and debugging
  • Visual Studio code debugging

Chrome browser logging

It is an easy and efficient technique to debug software that is still being developed. It is one of the simplest ways to understand how an application functions.

We use the console.log commands to record the necessary information or signs while logging. Before sending our product into the development phase, we must always remember to remove these console.log statements because they will just add overhead. 

Debugging in chrome browser

To debug React Native code in a Chrome browser tab, similar to how we debug web applications using Chrome developer tools, we can enable Remote Debugging in our application. More details

Debugging in visual studio code

React Native Debugger tools, a VS Code add-on for debugging React Native projects, can be used. After installing the extension, just make a new file with the name Launch.json so that it can be used to troubleshoot configuration file creation. Finally, we need to activate  Live Reload and Debug JS Remotely. We may now start using VS Code to debug.

Features of  React  Native Debugger

UI Inspector

You should know about component overseers in the event that you are a web designer. The UI Monitor in Respond Local Debugger works in the same manner:

one can see every one of the labels utilized in your application and examine their styling.

You can use the auditor to test your UI and change the styling. This is, by a wide margin, the most effective way to deal with a view and troubleshoot the UI order in React Native Debug projects. 

Debug Redux

You will require a state of the board library whether you are dealing with a Respond Local application. Revival is one of the most well-known state executive libraries available.  Be that as it may, particularly in Respond Local, utilizing Revival may be an irritation on the off chance that you can’t troubleshoot your state.

You might utilize react native debug to effortlessly investigate your Revival-based project. You might try and troubleshoot the ongoing condition progressively. As you will see, the Respond Local Debugger uncovered the whole Revival state, so clients don’t have to utilize breakpoints or console logs to sort out how information streams in the revival framework.

One amazing component is the capacity to travel once again into the past straightforwardly from the react native debug to converse and once again run Revival exercises. One more eminent component is the capacity to see the specific distinction between two state advances, which is particularly valuable for projects.

Network Inspector

We may not realize what is happening in the background while planning an application that necessitates an interface with a server. While presenting a solicitation to the server, for instance, finding an issue might be troublesome.

Engineers normally investigate this by the printing or alarming mistake messages, be that as it may, this is tedious (despite the fact that the vast majority make it happen), as it takes numerous functions to completely understand the condition.

We can undoubtedly screen each inbound and outbound traffic demand between the application and the server utilizing the debug in react native.

React native Breakpoints

The debug in react native additionally permits us to stop the execution work whenever. This will permit designers to investigate information states or comprehend application movement whenever during the application’s lifecycle.

Enabling Keyboard Shortcuts

In the iOS Test system, Respond Local backs a couple of console easy routes. They are illustrated beneath. To make them work, go to the Equipment menu, pick Console, and check “Interface Equipment Console.

Accessing the In-App Developer Menu

Shake your gadget or pick “Shake Motion” from the Equipment menu in the iOS Test system to get to the designer menu. When your application is running in the iOS Test system, or M while executing in an Android emulator on Macintosh operating system, or Ctrl+M on Windows and Linux, engineers can utilize the D console alternate route.

Reloading JavaScript

Quick Invigorate is a Respond Local element that gives close-moment criticism to changes made to your Respond parts. Empowering Quick Invigorate while investigating can be valuable. Quick Revive is empowered of course, and you might empower it in the Respond Local designer menu by flipping “Empower Quick Revive.” The majority of your changes ought to be shown in the span of a little while once you empower it.

Installing React Native Debugger

To begin investigating, we really want to introduce debug in react native, you can introduce it from GitHub. Or on the other hand, in the event that you’re on macOS, you can run this order in your terminal.  Subsequent to downloading and introducing the bundle, you can begin utilizing Respond Local Debugger. You can see that the Respond Local Debugger is in a holding-up state and the debugger device is tuning in at port 8081.

Connecting a React Native app to React Native Debugger

To interface your application with Respond Local Debugger, you really want to run your application and begin investigation mode. To begin troubleshooting mode, shake your cell phone or press Order + Shift + Z or Ctrl + M and pick the investigate choice.  Presently you’ll see that your application is associated with the debugging react apparatus.


This article shows us the debugging react native instrument, its establishment technique, how it works, use cases, and fundamental capacities. It will without a doubt make any Respond Local designer’s life simpler, more useful, and more effective. Moreover, your applications will be quicker and have fewer issues. We emphatically encourage you to utilize the Respond Local Debugger rather than the Chrome Dev Instruments since it contains a bunch of key capacities that will fundamentally accelerate your work.

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