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A legal Best Legal Translation

Have you ever attempted to copy and paste text into an online translator just to find out that something was … off? We deliver top-notch Greek language translation in Dubai with a professional touch at A Legal Translation Services, Dubai. We represent clients from all over the world, as one of the most reputable translation companies in the United Arab Emirates. Our team of top-notch, professional and native Greek translators is not only experienced in Dubai but will also give your work the attention it deserves without breaking the budget. Our Greek Translation experts in Dubai have at least a Bachelor’s degree in their respective fields and are able to handle any project.
In Dubai we provide Greek proofreading services as an extra set of eyes with a fine-toothed comb to go through each order. We have translated anything including business plans, legal papers, scientific journal posts, restaurant menus, you name it-we have it. Have you got a text you’re not sure about? Just ask us to translate a professional Greek into English, or Greek into Arabic. We will be delivering a document made to order and giving it the utmost attention. How about a deadline at the last minute? No sweat anyway. We are available 24/7, and will complete and deliver your ASAP translated Greek document.
We offer the following pairs of Greek translation in Dubai
Greek to English Translation
English to Greek Translation
Arabic to Greek Translation
Greek to Arabic Translation
Greek is one of the world’s oldest languages that dates back as far as the Neolithic Bronze Ages. For more than 3,000 years what we know about the Greek language has been recorded in written form. The language also has a rich cultural heritage of literature and poetry like the Odyssey and Iliad popular epic poems. Greek has its own alphabet which originates from the script of the Ancient Phoenicians. There are several other languages which have Greek roots. Around 13 million people speak Greek today, and it is the official language of Greece and Cyprus.

A Legal Translation services Administrations DURING POPE FRANCIS’ Memorable VISIT IN THE UAE
Bay News, 29 August 2019 – page 6
The article “Dubai interpreter of Crew Report lowered” by Sharmila Dhal showed up on the sixth page of Bay News on 29 August 2019. Dhal presents A Legal Translation’ commitment to advancing Pope Francis’ message of harmony and human brotherhood during his most memorable visit to the UAEMatteo Ippoliti,A Legal Translationorganizer, gladly relates his own involvement with managing this huge occasion where A Legal Translation gave Italian-English-Spanish deciphering and chipped away at the English form of the book devoted to the Pope’s visit.
The remarkable undertaking included both composed interpretation and synchronous understanding for this notable occasion which occurred in February 2019 in Abu Dhabi, where the Blessed Dad spread the standards of resistance, participation, and schooling.The UAE elevated receptiveness to individuals and societies from around the world committing this year to “resilience” and the Heavenly Dad’s visit fits in this significant mission.Invited by the Fabulous Imam of Al Azhar, Dr. Ahmad Al Tayyeb and the Specialists of the Unified Bedouin Emirates, Pope Francis conveyed a mass went to by several thousands and marked the striking record on Human Clique for World Harmony and Living respectively.

A test for A Legal Translation’ group who comprehended the extraordinary significance of passing on such a verifiable message and prevailed with regards to giving their typical great help.The Organization’s organizer felt lowered, as he says in the article.It was without a doubt an incredible open door that could never have been so fruitful without the group’s ability, mastery, and commitment.
Dubai-interpreter of-fraternity-record

A Legal Translation AS ONE OF THE Main Interpretation Organizations IN THE District Khaleej Times, 16 April 2019 – Unique Issue “Forming What’s in store”

Causing to notice the UAE as a “place that is known for fresh new chances”, the article of Khaleej Times in the extraordinary issue “Molding what’s in store”, centers around these days unmistakable heads of the country.The UAE has forever been related with a unique worldwide local area working in an appealing spot where worldwide monsters and aggressive talented people can capitalize on their endeavors and characteristics.
Because of a combination of customary upsides of the East and the cutting edge innovations of the West, here different ethnicities of individuals live and cooperate, sharing desires and pursuing similar objectives.In “Forming the future“, Sandhya D’ Mello presents a portion of these individuals. Among them the President and Chief of Dubai Chamber and the VP of Inward Members of the forthcoming Exhibition 2020 that will be held in Dubai.

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