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Google’s Local Guide Program: How to Become a Local Expert and Earn Badges

If you’re an avid user of Google products, chances are that you’ve heard of the Google Local Guide program. But what exactly is it? What do you get out of it, and how do you join? Here’s what you need to know about joining the program and becoming one of the ‘Local Guides’ who provide valuable local information to other users of Google Maps.

You can join our community, get badges and be a part of the local guide program by following these five steps:

An Overview of the Benefits

The perks of being a Google Local Guide are pretty sweet. For starters, we get to influence search results in our area and around the world. That means when you’re looking for restaurants or shops, we can make sure that you’ll see reviews that actually come from people who know what they’re talking about. We also get to contribute photos and reviews of places near us and earn points for doing so!

Plus, if you want to find hidden gems in your city, just ask any one of the 50 million+ active members to recommend something special they love. There are badges, too: Badges help tell people more about what interests you. You can choose badges like I’m an expert (in my hometown), I’m an explorer (of new places), or I’m adventurous. It’s all up to you!

An Overview of Badges

The idea is that as you contribute more and more to Google Maps, you’ll be rewarded with badges. These badge local Guide can include points of interest, editing a place or adding new places. You can also earn your way to a top contributor badge by reaching 50 points and then contributing for six months.

This badge is one of our favorites because not only does it look cool, but it also lets people know that you’re an expert in Google Maps! Achieving this rank will take some time, but if you make the effort to keep going strong after 50 points, then you’ll have some good bragging rights.

The reviews tab will let people leave feedback about how much they like what you do. They can comment on photos, edits or any other activity that they see when they visit your profile page. It will take some time before people start noticing what you’re doing and leaving reviews though – at first it might seem like no one cares at all. Stick with it and eventually people will appreciate what you do for them. With all these benefits, it’s easy to understand why so many active contributors find Google Local Guides such things rewarding!

How do I get started with local guides

The best way to get started is to sign up for a google account and visit our blog, which has all of the latest information about google local guides. On our blog you can learn about what it takes to become a local guide, review benefits like commenting on photos of your favorite places, earning badges for activities that you do in your community, and more.

You’ll also find tips for getting involved in the program: Start by reviewing our introduction video, then explore badges, complete some tasks to earn a badge, and share this knowledge with others who are interested in becoming local guides.

Final Thoughts

In addition to learning more about what being a local guide entails we encourage you take advantage of many ways that you can engage with the program: Check out opportunities from nearby locations or from your personal circle; add nearby restaurants and reviews to google maps; submit feedback on google+; tell us about attractions in an area – the possibilities are endless!

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