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Responsive & Easy-to-use Coding-free Google Review Widgets

Over time, internet users have started to use the medium to learn about the viewpoints and preferences of other customers.

If you’re wondering why it’s because potential brand customers take other customers’ recommendations more seriously than the company’s advertising campaigns.

Businesses have started to develop Google My Business accounts for their customers to contribute their thoughts and experiences after seeing how potential customers use Google reviews. Google reviews have been integrated into marketing campaigns and touchpoints, such as the official website for the brand.

Since its inception, embedding Google reviews widget free on your websites has grown in popularity as more companies can gain significantly from the tactic.

Businesses can include Google reviews into their websites using responsive social media aggregation tools. 

For this strategy, businesses can use a variety of tools to add Google reviews to their websites; in this post, we’ll discuss the best ones that are super easy to use. 

Without further ado, let’s start!

Tools For Embedding Google Reviews Widget On Your Website 

  • Taggbox Widget 

The Taggbox widget is the first widget on the list. An added advantage of the platform is that it offers a WordPress plugin too that can be used by WordPress users. It is a well-known social media aggregator that makes it simple to acquire, curate, and include social media content on its website. With ease, the platform collects content from more than 18 social networking sites, including Google reviews.

Users may get comments quickly, depending on their location or Google My Business account. To improve the potential and effectiveness of content gathered in the form of a Google review widget, users can also choose their desired features from a range of available options.

Users can customize their widget by selecting from a large selection of styles, themes, layouts, and colours.

Online reviewers may unfairly disparage companies and submit unfavourable comments, harming the reputation of the brand. Users can delete any undesirable content from the widget using the content moderation feature of the tool. On the website, users can assess the widget’s effectiveness.

Users can access detailed data like total likes, clicks, and engagement to see how website visitors respond to the Google review widget.

Finally, users can get in touch with the product’s back support team at any moment if they run into any issues while using the platform.

  • Elfisght

Elfsight is a social media gathering platform that enables users to gather, curate, and embed Google reviews into their websites, is the next tool to make it on the list. A preview of the widgets’ appearance on a user’s website is available. They can also change the widget’s width and height to blend in with the overall design of the website.

Customers can use the product’s content filtering features to delete any content they believe is harming the reputation of their brand.

The advanced features of the platform are also available to brand users.

  • Tagembed

Users can compile and integrate content from other social media websites, such as Google reviews, using the social media aggregator Tagembed. With this distinguished tool, users can adapt the Google review widget to their particular requirements.

Users have a variety of options from which they can use to design their widgets. The software comes with a comprehensive content monitoring panel, analytical analytics, and other features.

The product’s active back support team is ready round-the-clock to assist users.

Primary Advantages of Google Reviews Widget On Websites

Here are a few core reasons why you should add a Google reviews widget on your website if you’re still seeking justifications for implementing this strategy in your company.

This strategy helps in –

  • Fostering loyalty and confidence in your prospective clients
  • Increases the website’s overall engagement
  • Building a brand’s social evidence
  • More conversions and purchases from your website
  • Boost the visibility of your website overall
  • An opportunity to raise brand recognition
  • To encourage brand loyalty by showing user-generated content.
  • Decrease website bounce rates

Final Thoughts 

Over more than 80% of prospective customers check reviews before making a decision relating to a purchase. This figure demonstrates the value of reviews and the reasons they ought to be there on your website.

This brings us to the end of this insightful post and you got to know about a few tools that are the best available options in the market to easily collect, curate, and embed Google reviews seamlessly on your website. As the title of the blog suggests, these options come with an easy-to-use interface and complete the task within a couple of minutes. 

The highlight is that all the aforementioned tools are coding-free and do not require any technical expertise or knowledge for embedding a Google review widget. 

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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