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Gloss Coat Create Ceramic Bond

  • Step 1: Clean the surface by normal and dry the paint surface or polish (calibrate) the paint surface for the entire car body.
  • Step 2: After preparing the car paint surface has been cleaned and dry. Use the Gloss Coat ceramic bottle to spray the entire painted surface, wipe with a clean cloth and wait for 5 minutes to dry.
    • The effect of removing excess chemicals, dirt …
  • Step 3: Use a towel to cover the surface of the foam. Use Ceramic Crystal Coating to drip an appropriate amount and then apply evenly on an area of ​​​​the paint surface (make sure that during the coating process, there are no residues).
  • Step 4: After a period of 5-10 minutes (depending on the environmental conditions or the coating room), use a specialized clean towel to wipe your hands evenly and thoroughly until it has a shiny appearance.

Continue repeating the process for the entire car paint.

Coating curing time
– Surface under coating will be stable in 12-24h
– Before 24h please keep vehicle away from water or wet conditions
– You can speed up 24h coating curing time to 30 minutes by heating the surface to 80 degrees Celsius with a heat lamp or drying room
– During this time it is not recommended to clean the vehicle

Note: Using a car wash chemical with a high pH (PH=14) will remove the coating on the surface

Components in the kit:

  •  01 Bottle of Ceramic Crystal Coating
  •  01 Bottle of Gloss Coat
  •  02 Coating pads
  •  02 Linens
  •  05 Specialized cleaning wipes

Shopping guide

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