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Global Trading: Stocks to definitely watch in 2023!

As an investor in this generation, you’re faced with tons of conundrums in the market – interest rates, recession, inflammation and so much more. That’s why it’s vital to stick to shares that radiate ‘positive’ outcomes such as defensive stocks and more. 

Music to every investor’s ears is what 2023 holds for them – interest rates are expected to drop and the steep rise of inflammation is anticipated to lower. So it’s the perfect time to hold on to stocks! 

So if you’re looking for a trade to get into in 2023 or simply just wanna start your trading journey, down below is a list of stocks you should definitely watch in 2023! 


Despite the pound devaluation, M&G is expected to see a bright future in 2023. Due to its growing population, the company is well-placed and is ready for next year. The company even shared their mid-year results back in August – a whopping 40% in operating cash generations. 

The company’s asset management has set a target to produce operational capital of £2.5 billion by the end of 2024, in addition to implementing a £500 million share repurchase programme.

What is M&G known for? 

For more than 85 years, they have actively managed assets for both private and corporate customers. One of the top multinational asset managers in the world, M&G is renowned for its long-term and conviction-driven investment tactics. 

Imperial Brands 

Imperial Brands recently launched a £1 billion share buyback scheme, with which the company offers a generous dividend yield of 6.7% – something investors will surely appreciate. This company is pretty prosperous when it comes to tobacco stocks, especially vaping products. 

Throughout the years they’ve been growing fruitfully for both conventional tobacco products and vaping products. Some banks even speculate Imperial Brand to reach 2350p in 2023. 

What are Imperial Brands known for? 

This company is known internationally for its tobacco portfolio for both traditional cigarettes and vapes. The most popular brands are indeed ones you’ve already heard of, such as Winston, Gauloises JPS, Davidoff and West. 


Due to recent international conflicts such as the war in Ukraine, turmoil between US and China and more, this calls for Western nations to amp up their defences. This means Babcock becomes an attractive investment. 

The order backlog for this company, which is worth £9.9 billion, claims that 90% of income for 2023 is already secured. Not to mention its deal with the Royal Navy and the Ministry of Defense, making it all the more interesting. 

What is Babcock known for? 

This company is known for a lot of things but 2 of what they offer stand out the most and it’s how they deliver complex programmes and offer critical service. This is to provide their customers with enhanced defence capabilities for their most critical assets. 


GSK is a pharmaceutical company already making it an initially good deal since medicines are essential regardless of economical climate or international conflict. But 2022 was not GSK’s year since AstraZeneca, its contender has seen a 37% increase in market share, which caused GSK’s shares to decline by 6% overall this year to 1510.6p.

But a win came along for GSK after a claim against their product Zantac was dismissed. The lawsuits filed a claim that their heartburn drug caused cancer which was later on dismissed making a calculation of their compensation a dazzling $45 billion. 

So no need to worry about the situation of GSK since sales and company growth have increased ever since. 

What is GlaxoSmithKline known for? 

GSK is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world and is known for its contribution to improving the nation’s health. Back in 2021, GlaxoSmithKline delivered around 767 million vaccines and 1.7 billion medicines to help aid CoVid and other illnesses. 

Take away 

Now you know the four stock providers with the highest potential for growth in 2023, use this newfound knowledge to consider them! CFD trading will always be filled with surprises that’s why it’s best to plan ahead! 

The future of CFDs is looking bright for 2023, especially with these companies. So depending on what you want to invest in, may it be tobacco, medicine, defence securities and so on, there are 4 great options for you to consider. 

So if you’re a CFD trader, or just a starting trader looking for a niche to get into, try CFD trading, who knows this market might just be for you!

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