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Get Your Updated Court Marriage Paper in Pakistan

Updated Court Marriage Paper in Pakistan:

If you wish to have court marriage paper in Pakistan or online nikah procedure, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. Therefore, Catholics are again legally bound by this Personal Status Law with regard to paternity and guardianship in the same manner as other religions in  Pakistan. The implications regarding the application to the Catholic Personal Status Law on court marriage paper in Pakistan or online nikah procedure is not clear; however, in all cases, the divorce and marriage process remain, as they were previously controlled by Catholic law, and fall under the authority that of Catholic Family Courts (van Eijk 2016, p. 90 175). Catholic family law The Catholic Personal Status Law ( Qanun ala-ahwal al-shakhsiyya the alkathulikiyya) was declared Law No. 31 in 2006.

Catholic religions:

The law is applicable to all Catholic religions across the country. The minimum age for marriage is 18 years for both men and women. However, in some cases, permission can be granted to boys who are younger than 16 years of age and girls up to 14 years old. There are no rules regarding guardians, but at least two witnesses are required (Brorby and Hanson 2010, and Makhul 2009).


The Catholic courts comprise three judges who serve as priests. All judges have been educated on Oriental canon law in Rome. The courts are located in Damascus, Aleppo, Homs, Latakia, Bosra, and Qamishli. There is also an appeals court located within Damascus (van Eijk, 2016, page. 173-180). The majority of cases judges consider involving the divorce of marriage. Divorce is a controversial concept in the Roman Catholic Church and is not a valid option in the context of the law on court marriage paper in Pakistan or online nikah procedure.

Online Nikah Procedure:

Catholic Personal Status Law on court marriage paper in Pakistan or online nikah procedure, The court can end the marriage ( butlan al-zawaj ) this means that spouses have to be able to prove    To pay compensation, whether as the regular payment of maintenance ( nafaqa ) for as long as three years. This can be in addition to maintenance throughout the waiting time as well as an amount in lumps. The man is not required to pay for compensation in the event that the woman has relatives that are able to support their financial obligations (van Eijk, 2016 (p. 224.). The divorce through mutual agreement mukhala’a Mukhala’a’s divorce is a mutual agreement.

Court Marriage Paper:

Regarding the court marriage paper in Pakistan or online nikah procedure each spouse signs a divorce document that states that the husband accepts the divorce in exchange in exchange for the woman paying him compensation. To be able for the contract to be valid, the spouses must be at least 18 years old and agree to it. The contract must state the amount of financial compensation a woman has to pay to the husband.

Case of Divorce:

In the case of a divorce, the compensation could include that the wife totally or partially renounces her rights to a dowry deferred or maintenance payment following divorce. The parties have the right to decide on the amount of compensation. The judge of the Sharia court is not required to declare any mukhala’adivorce immediately.

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