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Gaming Vs Office Chairs: What’s The Verdict?

Whether you’re a gamer or workaholic, you probably sit for lengthy periods. The risks of sitting for extended hours are well-known, therefore if we can, we should decrease our daily sitting time.

Even if you’re sitting less, you still need to feel comfortable and supported.

Gaming chair:

A gaming chair is undefined. Consumer desires and expectations drive new gaming chair designs.

Let’s examine each gaming chair design element to assist you to decide if you need one.

Seat Bucket

Racing car bucket seats inspired the design. High, flared seat sides. They assist secure a moving driver’s position. Racing cars move side to side, thus elevated sides hold the driver in place.

You won’t shift as a gamer or office worker. Ergonomically, the elevated shape looks superfluous in an office context.

Ergonomically, the bucket design is useless and may even be harmful. The elevated shape restricts mobility, and bigger persons may have trouble getting comfortable Next Chair Review in a seat with limited legroom.

Lip Raise

The raised front lip comes from a racing automobile, where the seat design began. In an automobile, its raised posture assists with the driver’s legs and keeps him in the backseat.

Your legs won’t be on pedals in an office or when playing video games. Sit with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.

A gaming chair’s elevated front lip is for aesthetics, not ergonomics.

Head and Lumbar Pillows

Gaming chairs include detachable pillows. Other office chairs seldom have removable cushions.

The headrest pillow compensates for gaming chairs’ lack of adjustable headrests. You may adjust the lumbar pillow vertically to provide the perfect support.

Studies suggest ‘improved objective comfort in healthy persons and low back pain sufferers’ Long-term clinical relevance requires more research


The winged backrest is inspired by racing seats. In a car, this design keeps you in your seat during tight manoeuvres, but in a gaming chair, it’s just ornamental.

While its design may help you immerse yourself in a racing video game, there’s no proof that it’s ergonomically beneficial in the job or at home.

High recline

Gaming chairs recline far back. Some recline 180 degrees, allowing for a full lie-down.

When is this functionality fully used? We’re not sure, but we think it’s better for gaming than office work.

The sitting position affects the pressure on spinal discs. 90-degree sitting is worse for your discs than 100-degree sitting.

Gaming chairs can lock in any position, allowing you to adjust the back recline.

The benefits of a 180-degree recline are minor. Most ergonomic office chairs lock in place.

Arms adjust

Gaming chairs in this category are often as useful and comfortable as ergonomic office seats. You’ll have to look at higher-priced gaming seats to locate ergonomic features on armrests, but the key thing is that they’re there.

Entry-level gaming seats have fixed or movable armrests (vertically).

Higher-end variants include armrests with bells and whistles. Common motifs include height, tilt, and slip.

Ergonomics is about adaptability to fit your needs, and many gaming seats have adjustable armrests.

Style, colours, and branding

People choose gaming chairs for their aesthetics. Gaming chairs are unique. Some are flamboyant and display pop-culture labels (such as Batman, Game of Thrones and World of Warcraft).

Licensed branding looks beautiful and may personalise your gaming setup, but it’s expensive.

Gaming chairs come in a range of colours to make your area pop.

Leather/faux leather

Most gaming seats are leather or leather-like. The standard for gaming chairs. Leather is easy to clean and there are various ways to preserve its condition.

Real leather is more expensive than faux or bonded leather. They look and smell like leather but are cheaper to make.

These leather effects make it easy to add colour to upholstery, offering you more colour, design, and branding possibilities.

Ergonomic office chairs feature a wider selection of materials than gaming seats.

Which is Better: Gaming or Office Chairs?

What’s the conclusion? A gaming chair or an ergonomic office chair?

Here are some crucial points to consider:

Gaming chairs are hardly the most ergonomic chairs on the market. Bucket seats and winged backs might reduce comfort and support.

Entry-level gaming seats have ergonomic features like lumbar support and adjustable armrests, but entry-level ergonomic office chairs may not.

Gaming chairs win if you want aesthetics over substance.

Ergonomic office chairs come in several sizes and materials.

High-end ergonomic seats outperform gaming chairs in comfort and support.

If you’re unclear about which office chair to choose, our sales team will be pleased to help visit nextchair reviews

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