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Gaming Laptop under 400- Advantages, disadvantages and uses


Gaming laptops are very famous around the world nowadays. Many people want to buy Gaming Laptop under 400 but they don’t know what it is and why they should buy it. This article is about Gaming Laptop under 400 and their advantages and disadvantages. 

What is a Gaming Laptop under 400?

A gaming laptop is designed for anyone who is looking for better performance than what a typical notebook can offer. Gaming laptops are very powerful machines that make use of some of the fastest mobile processors (CPUs) as well as have large amounts of RAM. They also have dedicated graphics cards which means they will be capable of handling any game you throw at them. This can make gaming laptops an excellent choice for hardcore gamers who want to play all their favorite games but may not necessarily have a desk or a computer that can handle these kinds of tasks. You need to understand that gaming laptops under 400 dollars don’t tend to be like standard notebooks in terms of size or portability so keep that in mind if you’re used to a standard laptop and are looking for something more powerful.

Uses of Gaming Laptop under 400

Gaming laptops are becoming common these days due to their fast processing speed. A gaming laptop under 400 can play high graphics games without any hassle. The use of gaming laptops is great because they have high battery life. Gaming laptops usually come with a long battery life which helps us to enjoy long gaming sessions. You can enjoy all types of games even when you are in a remote place by carrying your gaming laptop along with you. You don’t have to keep on charging your gaming laptop repeatedly so that it will last long while playing heavy graphics games, because it has a huge battery life that will last for more than 5 hours continuously even if you are playing heavy games like Doom or Warcraft Battle.

The Advantages of Gaming Laptop under 400

Gaming Laptop under 400 has many advantages. There is no need to carry a desktop PC when you travel for business or pleasure. Take a Gaming Laptop under 400 with you instead. It will be lighter and easier to carry in one hand or luggage. You can save space on your desk at work or home by using a Gaming Laptop under 400. This way you can use your desktop computer for other tasks like listening to music, surfing the internet, creating documents and spreadsheets, etc. Unlike a Laptop under 400, an expensive desktop PC does not usually have gaming features that are suitable for playing video games so it will be a waste if you use it as a Gaming Laptop under 400.

The Disadvantages of Gaming Laptop under 400

There are some disadvantages of Gaming laptops under 400. The first one is heavy weight. They mostly weigh 8 to 10 pounds. Also, they come with large screens which make them look more big in size than any other laptop under the 400 dollar range. Their performance is also not good as compared to Macbook pro or high end laptops like HP specter x360 . They have outdated and weak graphics cards like Nvidia gtx 950m or 960m. The above list of 3 disadvantages of Gaming Laptop under 400 has only highlighted few of them. But there are many others that make them a worse option for you than buying a normal laptop for daily use or work purpose.

Our Recommendation

Gaming laptops are often overpriced considering their hardware. However, there are many options if you do not want to spend a lot. The advantages of gaming laptops that we recommend include great graphics capabilities, high performance processors and RAM, Windows OS compatibility and fast bootup. Disadvantages include short battery life.

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