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I Hope Someone Buys This Zip Up Hoodie From Gallery Dept.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a city like Los Angeles or New York, but it’s always a bit chilly at night. There are tons of jackets and sweaters available for sale, but none really feels right for this time of year. That’s why I love this zip-up hoodie from Gallery Dept. It’s not only stylish but also affordable—and it comes in navy/black and white/black colorways so there are plenty of options!

The collaboration between surf shop Gallery Dept and Levi’s is a perfect example of how the two brands have been able to keep their core values intact while also creating something that looks great on the street. While most of us can’t afford to wear our favorite hoodie every day, this one is definitely worth getting for your friends who are into the same thing you are—or even just because it’s a good piece of work by two great designers!

It’s been a few years and I’d like someone to wear it as well as I have.

I’ve had the hoodie for a few years, but it’s been in great condition and only worn if I had to go somewhere without my dog. It would be nice to see someone else wear this one, who will love it as much as I have.

If you’re interested in buying this piece of art, please contact me at [email protected]

If you’re a fan of Levi’s and surf shops, then this is one collaboration you should be looking forward to. The two brands have teamed up on a zip-up hoodie, which will be sold exclusively at Gallery Dept. Locations nationwide.

The design features an iconic black Levi’s brand logo on the front and back of the hoodie along with “Gallery Dept.” printed across its chest in white lettering.

The collaboration celebrates both brands’ iconic looks, with Levi’s two-horse logo and Gallery Dept. rabbit.

Levi’s “Two Horse” symbol has been around since the brand’s founding in 1873. The logo was inspired by a pair of horses pulling a wagon on their way to work at the factory where they lived. It’s since become an iconic symbol for denim enthusiasts everywhere, with many collectors paying thousands of dollars for vintage pairs of jeans bearing this design—and now you can get your own!

It feels like the perfect, not-too-expensive fall item if you’re in a warm city that gets chilly at night, or not super cold during the day.

The most important thing about this hoodie is that it feels like the perfect, not-too-expensive fall item if you’re in a warm city that gets chilly at night or not super cold during the day. It’s made of cotton, so it’s lightweight (which makes it comfortable) and soft (making it feel good on your skin). And because this isn’t too heavy or too thin, there’s no weird shape to deal with when wearing it—it fits well without being too loose or tight!

If you’ve ever seen an article about “the perfect zip-up sweatshirt,” then this one meets all those requirements: It looks good on its own and pairs well with activewear; has pockets for storing keys and other small items; stands up well enough on its own without needing any help from an accessory; isn’t too big/small so that even people who are shorter than average can wear them comfortably; comes in different colors so everyone will find something they like!

Comes in navy/black and white/black colorways.

This zip-up hoodie is a collaboration between Gallery Dept and Levi’s. It comes in two colorways, navy/black and white/black. If you’re in a warm city that gets chilly at night, or not super cold during the day—this zip-up hoodie will be great for you!


I hope someone buys this zip-up hoodie from Gallery Dept. because it was made by my friend, and he is always getting mad at me because I don’t buy him anything. So if you want some warm clothes or something then go ahead and buy this one!

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