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FUT 23: New Content in the New Game

Sell FIFA 22 coins to the best trading platform U7buy! As new games become more realistic, FUT needs to take things to the next level by keeping up with the pace. Since many previous football games have quality features that are no longer found in modern titles, we think FUT can return to the archives and deliver a nostalgic kick.

Whether it’s the FUT catalog or the return of a beloved lounge mode, FUT can easily win by sending fans back to their youth. Career mode has been favored over the past few years, since this mode doesn’t generate any revenue for EA, we understand why it doesn’t get the same amount of attention as UT mode.

The offline part of the FUT fanbase, more focused on career modes, has been increasingly moving away from the game over the years, and FUT needs to reverse this trend. The introduction of a more immersive career mode with various storylines, scenes and realistic moments will bring the new FUT game to the next level.

The offline, more career-mode based section of FUT fans have been drifting further away from the game for years, and FUT needs to buck that trend. Introducing a more immersive career mode with different storylines, cut-scenes and true-to-life moments would take FUT’ brand new game to the next level.

If FUT can revisit some of their core modes and introduce a whole new offline career style, we really believe they will win. FUT can serve as a way to make the game unique, but we think FUT can move one step further.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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