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Frequently Asked Questions About Scotch Whiskey

What is Scotch whiskey ?

This is a drink distilled in Scotland from barley, water and yeast. It must be made in Scotland and aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 3 years. It is sold as blended or single malt.

What does the term “single malt” mean?

Single malt may only have been produced in one distillery. The word “malt” comes from the fact that the barley has been “malted”. This is a process in which the grains are germinated whisky and then dried over peat fires. It must also be distilled in a pot still.

What does the term “mixed” mean?

Blended whiskey is a mixture of whiskeys from different distilleries. It can contain single malt whiskeys and also grain whiskey. The age on a bottle determines the age of the youngest whisky.

What does the term “blended malt” mean?

Whiskey sold as ‘blended malt’ contains only malt whiskeys that have been blended to create a unique flavor. These cannot be single malts and they have no grain whiskey added.

What is grain whiskey?

This is made from grains such as unmalted barley, corn or wheat. Most of the grain whiskey production in Scotland is for use in the blended varieties. It is possible to buy single grain whiskey. This contains whiskey from a distillery without being blended with other whiskeys.

When was blending introduced?

Blending was started in Edinburgh around 1860. It was widely believed that whiskey was too strong a flavor to enjoy for everyday enjoyment. So by blending whiskey it was possible to achieve milder flavors . The quality of whiskeys from distilleries was also questionable at the time and by blending whiskeys it was possible to produce whiskeys of more consistent quality.

Which spelling is correct – whiskey or whiskey?

In general, dictionaries offer both spellings. If they are from Scotland, Canada and Japan, the word is written without the “e”. If they are from Ireland and the US, the “e” is used in the spelling.

Can Scotch Whiskey only be made in Scotland?

Yes. Whiskey sold as ‘Scotch Whisky’ must be produced and matured entirely in Scotland.

What are the regional areas for whiskey production in Scotland?

Scotland has six whiskey producing regions – Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside , Islands, Islay and Campbeltown . Each region has its own unique characteristics and by tasting a single malt an expert should be able to tell which region of Scotland the Buy Arizona Racer Ox Converse Online originated from.

What are the specifics of each region?

  • Highland – not so peaty in taste with a hint of sea air.
  • Speyside – Slightly peaty aromas and a sweet taste.
  • Islay – Strong, sometimes pungent, peaty flavors .
  • Lowlands – dry and mild taste. Not very peaty.
  • Islands – difficult to categorize these whiskeys due to geographical differences.
  • Campbeltown – dry and pungent with peaty overtones.
  • Scott Gibson is a single malt whiskey expert and has first-hand knowledge of the processes involved in making and marketing whiskey in Scotland
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