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Freight Shipping: Avoid Common Mistakes to Reduce Costs

The boost in international ocean freight shipping is associated with the Internet or technological revolution and the rapid explosion in e-commerce. Contemporary consumers are increasingly attracted to online shopping for all products, from groceries to clothing. The global trade scenario transformed along with client demands for quicker delivery times. According to Forbes, this pressurizes freight forwarders to be more agile while catering to customer expectations. 

Logistics, supply chains, and the associated customer support should be excelled or mastered by organizations hoping to gain a competitive edge in today’s fiercely competitive market. Since fulfillment is essentially a complex procedure with extremely tight margins, it becomes mandatory on the part of organizations to reduce costs wherever possible. However, cost-cutting should not be implement at the cost of compromising the overall quality of freight service. 

From poor packing to missed pickups, freight shipping mistakes may occur, but you should avoid them. Rushing too fast, distractions, and often plain ignorance may result in costly mistakes.

Common Freight Shipping Mistakes

Mistake: Poor Packaging

You may not have any say or control over how your consignment will be handle when in transit. However, you can ensure the package is well-protect before parting with it. Poor packaging will lead to damaged freight. Always follow all freight packaging guidelines of your organization. Do not forget to pack your items with care using perfect materials depending on the weight, size, shape, value, and fragility.

Mistake: Not Considering the Weather

You may have packed your freight well using the perfect materials and foolproof techniques. However, if you forget to safeguard it from the harsh weather elements, all your hard work will go to waste. Shippers who do not have well-covered loading docks cannot protect their goods. The freight may be susceptible to damages caused by rain, wind, sun, or snow. It is critical to have a well-protected loading area and packaging. Always seal and shield the packaged consignment from exposure to harsh weather elements to the extent possible.

Mistake: Wrong Freight Classification

There are countless classification codes, and it is natural for anybody to mix them up now and then. However, if you make the mistake of using an incorrect NMFC code, it may result in a host of issues, including raised online ocean freight rates, inaccurate quotes, re-class fees, and damaged consignments due to mishandled goods. It is critical to know your NMFC code to protect your wallet and consignment.

Mistake: Not Examining or Evaluating the Damage

If you fail to check the received freight properly for any sort of damage, your freight may be in for expensive replacements. If you accept a damaged consignment and sign without proper inspection of the package, you may fail to make any insurance claim to cover the damage.


You can keep shipping costs down even without taking risks. Even though risk-taking is an integral part of business, it is better to take risks in other operations. Remember that freight shipping necessitates focus, diligence, and organization. You should give top priority to avoiding risks or keeping them low.

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