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Fraction To percentage calculator Soup University

A fraction is a type of a mathematical function having a denominator and we can convert the fraction into a percentage. The fraction is the meaning of various percentages. The multiple fraction calculator compares quantities by the fraction and percentage. The percentage can be determined by dividing the fraction by the dividing fractions calculator and multiplying the fraction by the 100. You can utilize the various tools and apps from the calculator-online.net to find the multiplication and division of the fraction.

The  multiple fraction calculator make the task easy for the students and they can easily able to convert the fraction into the percentage by the fraction calculator.Students do find the addition and subtraction of the fraction difficult , for this we usually utilize the Least common multiple method to make the denominator equal and then add or subtract the fractions.

How to understand the fraction and percentage?

We now try to understand the concept of the fractions and the percentage, we are explaining the concept by an example, considering a class has 38 students among them there are 23 female.Now how can we get the percentage of the female students in the class?

Now to simply the fraction





The fraction and percentage goes neck to neck and when we are able to predict there is 60 % of students in the class and by dividing the 23/38.

What is a fraction?

The term fraction represents a number which is dividing the whole number in different parts. We can divide the whole number into various parts, for example if there is one Pizza, we divide four equal parts.Then we are using the adding fractions calculator.We can divide the fraction into ¼+¼+¼+¼=1/1=1Pizza.

Parts of fraction:

A fraction consists of two parts the Numerator and a Denominator.The Numerator is written above the line and the Denominator is written below the line.

The Numerator:

The numerator indicates some equal parts of the whole number 

The Denominator:

The Denominator represents how many parts the whole number consists of.


Her 3,5,6,5 are the Numerator and the denominator 4,6,7,3.

What is percent?

The term percent is ratio ora number to express a fraction in the form of 100.We utilize the %age sign,we need to understand how perfect represent a frasction.You may use the fraction calculator to represent the 35/100, or 50/100 as the percent.We can write the these fractions as 35%, and 50 %.

There are other fractions which represents the a specific percent of the number like 

Fractions Percent 

These fractions have specific meaning in terms of percentage and we have utilized changeable manners for a fraction. 

The percentage formula:

The percentage is number whose denominator is equal to 100.The percentage formula is given below 


If you want to find the 10 % of 150, we can solve it as:

(10/ 100) × 150 = 1500/ 100

= 15

Thus, 10% of 150 is 15.

The multiple fraction calculator can be utilized to find the fraction of the percentage.


The fractions are going to be used as the percentage for descending various decimal values like 50 %,75% etc by ½, ¾. These fractions are going to describe the whole meaning and we can understand what is the meaning of our conversi9o9n and what we want it to represent.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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