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Five Ways to Drive More Traffic to the Site Using Social Media

In today’s competitive world, creating a website is one of the most critical steps toward creating small business success. It is the necessary foundation to build an online presence and grow your business most efficiently. 

When people stumble on your website, you can learn more about them, allowing you to turn them into your leads and expand your business exponentially.

It is essential to drive traffic to your website, and below are some of the ways to drive more and more traffic to the site using the social media platforms –

1. Optimize the website

Many business relationships are strongly formed after someone types a typical word or a phrase into the search engine to find the website. This is an organic search at work. When you are acquainted with the search terms that people use to find your website currently, it is elementary to draw in more visitors. In Google Analytics, you can easily view what terms your website visitors used to find you and your site in the past. 

They use the exact keywords to help optimize the website content.

One should also look at the terms that your competition uses on their sites, emails, and social media platforms.

Many people are in the quest of finding your website, and the keywords you focus on should be the regular words people would normally use in a normal conversation. One should also consider how your customer would describe the business and your offer in simple terms.

It is also very important to ensure that these are the words used throughout your website.

Many free tools can be used, and you can also see how often your website appears in the search results. One should also take a keen look at the search terms that drive the most visitors to the portal. The bounce rate should be low, and the number of people clicking on your site in the search results should be more. 

Following are the tips that help you optimize your site using social media –

  • Make your website findable: You should ensure that your site has thorough descriptions of the things you offer and their benefits. One can also create a descriptive SEO title for their website. This can also be added as you build your website.
  • Leverage your website content: Articles, audience testimonials and blog posts help improve your website’s search rankings. They also bring visitors to your website.
  • Optimize your visuals: The search engines are much better at indexing words than visual elements and images. 

2. Greet the visitors with a targeted landing page

Your business directs a website visitor to a dedicated landing page featuring what they are interested in. It also helps them engage with your website. You can also use audience data for creating pages that highlight the content tailored to the website visitor’s priorities.

It could be a special promotion based on the posts someone is reading. The updates on new features of a product can also be traced.

It is possible to build this personalized messaging into your ongoing marketing by creating several tags for your diverse contacts. A tag is a specific label for communication that informs the content you serve up when they ensure it is relevant.

If you decide to build a landing page with a kind of sign up form, you also create a tag for that particular page. Thus, everyone who joins the audience is also tagged for future personalized emails outreach.

These tags are of utmost importance and they also help you send the targeted emails. These emails also include everything from brand new automated emails for the subscribers that are new to a series of campaigns that do the job of highlighting several links to the website that you have created.

There is a search query called SEO Adelaide and it is used by several businesses in the city of Adelaide for connecting with SEO agencies in South Australia. These search agencies help to increase their organic search presence.

3. Promote your site with different kinds of digital ads

Social media is an open marketplace where you can promote your brands and business. You have stumbled upon several ads promoting different kinds of products. They could be online courses to sunglasses. These ads are called banner ads or digital ads. These ads are designed to drive the traffic to a website. Let’s say you have not clicked on any of those ads, they still work because they can be placed on websites that attract a specific audience.

Facebook is an open marketplace, and on this social media site, digital ads can be broken down by several things such as gender, interests or age. The data you possess can help you build and manage ads to target the people who are in the market to offer you something.

You also might stumble upon several agencies or consultants to help you out with things like paid media strategy and where to place the ads you want. It is for you to decide how long to run these ads and what kind of results to expect from a campaign.

4. Drive traffic to your website via email

The best way to generate traffic is through email. An email is a powerful outreach tool. You can target and inform your audience and drive people to specific types of pages on the website. 

Below are two major forms of email promotions –

  • Email newsletters: In this form of promotion, you can feature useful information and promotions like different types of sales and events. Email newsletters can also drive audience members to your website for reading an article or take advantage of an offer. This can be a very powerful way to generate visits and sales from the best audience. It can also bring you lots of new website visitors.
  • Promotion emails: The promotion emails can highlight specific sales or events. You can promote a new video that you have posted. 

In both these cases, you can segment your email audience that is based on data for sending tailored versions of your newsletters to the most receptive segment.

5. Engage with your audience on social media

Many people use social media and it is important because it allows you to reach, engage and nurture with your target audience. When any business uses social media for connecting with its audience, it multiplies with brand awareness, lead and revenue.

Below are the ten benefits of social media in this digital era –

  • Increasing brand activity
  • Advertising
  • Staying active
  • Increasing brand loyalty
  • Partnering up with influencers
  • Assessing the competition
  • Better conversion rates
  • Excessive content distribution
  • Enhance the brand reputation
  • It boosts the local SEO
  • Improves the online visibility
  • Improves the organic traffic

Many people use social media to post the same kinds of content that you host on the website. This could be articles, promotions or photos. Let’s say if your website supports e-commerce, you can also promote a sale on social media and drive traffic to it.

You should select the social media channel that works best for your message. However, this will vary depending on your business model and the audience you want to target. 

The way social media connects with SEO

Social media is not only a ranking factor, it has a link that directs to the SEO. One can also accumulate those signals in mass sharing on different social media sites. The more use share the content across social media, the more your audience will share the posts with their followers.

Below are some of the tips to support your SEO efforts –

  • Make your on-site content easy to share

One should integrate quick-copy links and single-click sharing into their site. If you site is easily accessible, then more and more people will come across it. It helps you build your business exponentially.

  • Translate your social data into content ideas

If you want potential blog topics and keywords with the latest trends, the social media is the best place to find it. 

  • Fine-tune your publishing frequency

Establishing a consistent content calendar produces better results. One should also familiarize himself with the best time and occasion to post on social media. It is very important to ensure that the links to your site are part of your content strategy. You should not be afraid to publish and recycle links to the blog posts. You should see to it that you don’t repeat yourself and consider repurposing your content for the sake of sharing.

Wrapping Up 

The secret to surviving in the realm of social media is patience and tenacity. Although social media marketing methods are excellent, they require time to bear fruit. These tried-and-true methods will undoubtedly pay off in the long run. The only formula for a successful social media marketing campaign is to be customer-centric. Just keep in mind that social media may change the game if you use it properly.

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Ahsan Khan
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