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Contrary to what you think, fireplace stove does not refer to a device or appliance that helps you cook on the fireplace. Rather, the fireplace stove is a contraption that helps you increase the efficiency of the fireplace by burning the wood or the pellets better.

The contraption is called a fireplace stove because it works no different than any oven or a stove. It is a closed body device where wood is placed and the door is locked. Combustion takes place inside by drawing air from in and around the fireplace. The heated air is pushed into the room so that maximum heat is diverted towards those in the room where the justus kaminofen 7 kw fireplace is situated.

This leads to better heat retention, combustion of fuel and higher fuel efficiency. Since combustion takes place properly, there is very little problem of ash. On the other hand, if you go in for traditional fireplace, you will have to remove the ash on a regular basis.

Further, there always will be the problem of particulate matter being suspended in the air. All these complications are completely removed even as you enjoy other benefits and advantages of using fireplaces stoves.

Another added advantage is that this contraption makes your fireplace look good. You can go in for different colored stoves ranging from wooden finish to metallic colors. You can choose contrasting colors or you can have the stove blend into the color of the room.

Aesthetic advantage is apart, the stove is a great tool to avoid environmental pollution. If you go in for an EPA certified product, you can rest assured that your fireplace will consume less fuel, burn fuel better and operate at high efficiency.

There are some disadvantages of going in for a fireplace stove. You will never get the feel of a blazing fire in front of you. This is because the entire contraption covers the fire and you will simply see a box which emits heat after combustion takes place inside.

Secondly, adequate safety measures must be installed. If this is not done, excessive combustion and pressure may lead to safety issues. Of course, going in for a reputed brand fireplace stove will solve this problem.

The disadvantages can easily be overcome and you can save a lot of money and effort by going in for fireplace stoves. Just do extra research on the web if you still have any doubts.

Leading Brands in the Fireplace, Stove and Hearth

Fireplace, stove and hearth leading brands include Heatilator, Heat Glo, Quadra-Fire, Harman and Fireside Hearth & Home among others of course. They are the leading brands because they are the upper echelon in the finest quality in fireplaces. Fireplaces come in never-ending fuel types, configurations, sizes, and of course styles. Each company will offer you the highest quality of fireplaces, whether you desire a gas fireplace, a wood fireplace, a pellet fireplace, or an electric fireplace. Each of the companies above also can provide you with the highest quality fireplace inserts too, regardless of the combustion system you’ve chosen.

Heatilator for instance patented the very first heat circulating fireplace in 1927! Since that time they have formulated thousands of fireplaces by following people’s dream fireplaces, helping them to design it to their specifications yet making sure that efficiency as well as total safety is not curtailed.

Heat & Glo also is a leader of direct vent gas fireplaces, and their designs are more modern rather than traditional. This company, begun in 1975 by two brothers, firmly believes that innovation and advancement are an ongoing endeavor. With their innovative zeal they created a new product that actually revolutionized the fireplace industry–the direct vent gas fireplace. This invention made it feasible to safely install a gas fireplace in nearly any room in the home.

Quadra-Fire, on the other hand has developed a new system that not only burns but then re-burns gases and smoke in 4 individual zones in the firebox. In 1985, with the advent of the Clean Air Act, approximately all stove makers quit making stoves rather than have to adapt to the supplementary stringent regulations. The greater majority of those that stayed turned to the solution of using catalytic combustion. However, Quadra-Fire chose instead to change how we used wood burning in a revolutionary new way using what they named Quadra Fire, hence their name.

The Harman stove company began in 1979 by Dane Harman. He designed as well as built a stove for his own home, but neighbors clamored for him to make them a stove since his worked so well. The company deals in quality and so much so that they now sell through all of America, Canada, Western Europe and the British Isles. Having designed over justus kamin 7 kw 40 stove models, holding more than a few patents, and uninterrupted operation for in excess of 25 years, Harman is considered an unquestionable leader of modern stove manufacturing.

Fireside Hearth & Home are currently the world’s biggest fireplace manufacturer. It all began when Robert K. Thulman patented his invention for the very first Thulman designed triple wall chimney system. The company has changed names often due to various investors being involved in the company, but they finally settled on Fireside Hearth & Home to reflect their unfailing focus on new concepts and new products for the home. They were the first also to feature a builder and homeowner’s center that actually showed full rooms with their fireplaces, a tradition that continues today.

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