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Finding the Best Consultant for Google SEO to Improve SERP


Google SEO is a constantly changing landscape. It’s no surprise that the search engine giant continually tweaks its algorithms to help users find the best possible results. While it has lots of good intent, companies and brands must ramp up and watch their SEO endeavors to catch up with the latest developments. Everyone has to stay on their toes to avoid missing even a single step, as it could dent all their efforts in one shot. So, recently, the search engine company started May 2022 core update to make search results more accurate and relevant. While more updates are underway, it’s wise to assess the impact of the newly implemented changes early on so that you already know the risks and benefits.

If you have hired a Google SEO expert or an agency, you don’t have to bother much. They will do the due diligence as necessary. But you have to think hard about the situation if you have none to support you on your site’s SEO front specifically. If you cannot see your site suffer, check https://www.seosingaporeservices.org/google-seo-consultant-singapore for help. Before this, let’s explore the impact of the new core updates so that you can take a more practical approach.

Impact on industries

In the early phase of the update, many digital marketers talked about traffic fluctuations. The difference between 2021 and 2022 has been massive, with the latter not seeing as much volatility as the previous year. However, it doesn’t mean these changes affect a specific industry more or less than the other. But if you do keyword analysis, you can diagnose the types of pages that witnessed a shift in their rankings.

Impact on search queries

You can categorize search intent as navigational, transactional, informational, and commercial. Navigational keyword search queries relate to any particular page or website, while informational keywords are about seeking answers to questions. Transactional search queries cover buying or taking action. Commercial keywords or searches involve curiosity around services or brands. As per a study, transactional and informational investigations became almost 50% volatile during the recent core update.

Understanding the essence of core update

Experts inform that core updates can be easily understandable in two areas – volatility and visibility. Visibility refers to a domain’s rank in SERPs. A highly visible site is likely to attract traffic to its high-volume keywords. However, if it loses the keyword, the domain will not appear so frequently in the results. And this high or low visibility indicates volatility. You can check the status of sites like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon to notice their positions in the searches between 2021 and 2022.  Most news and publishing sites witnessed a dip.

All these may not make much difference to your understanding unless you specialize in SEO and can discern the significance of everything in this landscape. But it doesn’t mean this will not affect your site. You don’t know how safe or unsafe your website is if you don’t have an SEO expert to guide you. So, take help from an appropriate agency and eliminate all the unwanted possibilities.

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