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Finding a Reliable Real Estate Agent

Perhaps you’re thinking about the housing market and making a move. You might be buying, selling, or both, and in either case, you need a top-notch real estate agent.

Can you tell the difference between a Realtor and an Agent?

Different from real estate agents are Realtors®. It’s important to distinguish between these two concepts. In exchange for a commission, a real estate agent is authorised to “represent a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction.” A real estate agent usually works under the supervision of a Realtor or real estate broker.

A Realtor might work as an agent or a broker while selling property. There are honest real estate brokers and Realtors® out there. To become a Realtor, one must make an additional pledge to uphold the real estate industry’s 17-article code and professional standards.

The Quest and a Few Concerns

We know you want to find the best real estate agent possible, so let’s begin compiling a list of questions to ask them now:

Referrals: get recommendations from people you know, like, and trust. Those who have had a good experience with an agent are usually more than happy to share their storey and the reasons they thought their agent was so great.

It is acceptable to seek real estate agents Harlow for referrals from other experts. Representatives from banks and mortgage brokers in particular are likely to have recommendations for top-notch real estate agents.

Going to open homes is a terrific, low-stakes approach to start conversations with real estate brokers. Consider the agent’s demeanour and presentation, the level of professionalism displayed, and the effectiveness of the marketing materials distributed. Ask yourself if you feel confident in the agent’s ability to answer your questions and provide you with information on the property and the area. Is the realtor prepared to show off the house’s amenities, or does he just ignore potential buyers?

If you have a good impression of an agency, make sure to get their card and record your thoughts.

For further information, I intend to meet with multiple agents before settling on one and signing a purchase agreement. You should follow up with the referrals each candidate provides during the interview.

Ask them things like “What was the asking price, what did you end up getting, and how long was the house on the market?”

Inquire as to the validity of the candidate’s licence and whether or not any complaints or disciplinary measures have been lodged with the estate board of licencing services.

How long has the broker/dealer/agent been operating? Find the realtor who has extensive experience in the area where you want to buy or sell a home. Building experience and familiarity with a market is a process that requires time. In the opinion of one broker, a minimum of five years’ experience is required for each qualified applicant.

How often does the agent work? A full-time agent is what you need and should demand.

Steps to Take

Check over their websites and active listings to get a sense of their expertise as real estate agents. The real estate agent you end up working with should be technologically knowledgeable and comfortable using the internet to assist you buy or sell a home. The agent must also be accessible by the method(s) of your choosing, be it e-mail, fax, phone, or text message.

Your prospective agent should be active, but not overburdened. If the candidate seems disinterested in helping you with the sale or purchase, or if they offer to pass you off to a “assistant,” you should go elsewhere.

Your agent’s price, promotion, and overall performance as your advocate should be grounded in reality.

There are real estate brokers and services that fit the “if it seems too good to be true…” mould. Have faith in your own senses of observation and intuition. Your decision will be well-informed when you add the results of your interviews to the information you’ve received from other sources.

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