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Fife Joinery Manufacturing Limited

FIFE JOINERY MANUFACTURING LIMITED employs 189 people. Compared to the previous year, their number of employees has decreased by 12%.

Founded in 1997, Philip Taylor Joinery is an established and well-respected joinery business serving clients in Fife and across Scotland. Their reputation for good service and high-quality workmanship has earned them a growing customer base.


The Kingdom of Fife is located in east central Scotland. The county is known for its rich history, including the renowned University of St Andrews. Founded in 1410, the university is one of Scotland’s four ancient universities. Education opportunities in Fife include 135 primary schools and 18 secondary schools. These are governed by the Curriculum for Excellence, which is designed to help children develop the skills and attributes they need for life.

The region also has an extensive bus network, with routes to locations across the area and even Edinburgh. The bus system also offers a free park-and-ride scheme, allowing passengers to commute without worrying about the hassle of driving and parking. These services provide faster and greener transportation compared to car transport.

Joinery and manufacturing Fife is also well-known for its booming property market. The county’s proximity to the cities of Edinburgh and Dundee makes it a desirable location for both young professionals and families. Property sales in the county boomed in 2018 due to its low prices and high quality of life.

In addition to its vibrant economy, Fife is home to numerous heritage sites and historic buildings. Some of these include the historic town of Cupar, the castles of St Andrews and Falkland and the historic buildings at Fife House. Other popular attractions include the Fife Sculpture Trail and the Fife Cycle Route.

The Fife Cycle Route is a long-distance cycle path in the region, spanning nearly 100 miles. It passes through towns and villages and traverses scenic countryside landscapes. The route is suitable for cyclists of all ages, from beginners to experts.

The Fife Cycle Trail is a great way to explore the beauty of Fife. The path is dotted with scenic spots and offers plenty of activities for people to enjoy. Visitors can visit the historical and cultural landmarks along the trail, or they can enjoy shopping at the local markets. The cycle route is also home to many popular restaurants and cafes. Many of the towns in Fife have a variety of eateries that offer a range of cuisines.


After graduating from Herriot Watt University with a BSc in Building, Martin started his career as an apprentice joiner. He worked his way up through the ranks learning every aspect of the business. Today, he is the Production Director responsible for the entire project management of all projects from start to finish. Bringing in fresh work practices within the workshop facility, new machines and bundles of youth and enthusiasm, he is driving the company forward with an enviable enthusiasm for achieving perfection on each project we undertake.

A renowned Danish specialist window manufacturer has announced it is to close its manufacturing factory in Fife, affecting 180 jobs. The VELUX Group, which makes roof windows and skylights, said it was to shut the factory by autumn 2015 as part of a move to consolidate its European manufacturing operations. It also plans to relocate the distribution centre to the Midlands.

TJ Ross of Southfield, Glenrothes, is a fine example of a Fife business adapting to changing times. They manufacture double-glazed, traditional sash and case windows, bespoke curved-headed windows and doors and cabinets. They can produce these for any style of building including those in conservation areas and listed buildings.

A Business Credit Report for FIFE JOINERY MANUFACTURING LIMITED provides you with a comprehensive overview of the financial stability of this company. Joinery and manufacturing Dundee includes a credit score and credit limit recommendation, payment trends, ownership and group structure, court judgements and more. The report is available instantly online for you to view and download.


Fife Joinery Manufacturing Ltd manufactures roof windows, flashings, and cladding components. The Company offers flexible working, apprenticeships, and training courses. The Company serves commercial, public sector, and residential customers. It is headquartered in Glenrothes, Fife, Scotland. Fife Joinery Manufacturing employs 189 people.

Contemporary understandings of flexibility use disrupted temporality to construct the worker as a subject in flux and the employer as an engine for change. These understandings imply the need for both functional (zero-hour contracts and frequent absences) and numerical flexibility to manage the volatility of labour and production. Such understandings also create expectations about the migrant’s ability to reconcile interruption into some kind of temporal coherence.

Moreover, they often assume that a migrant can only become flexible by sacrificing the integrity of her work and her sense of personhood. In this context, a migrant’s flexibility is defined by her ability to adapt and respond to changing market conditions in the blink of an eye. This interpretation of flexibility reflects the dominant economic logic of exchange, which views time as a fixed element of organisational resources.

In contrast, this paper seeks to broaden the existing understanding of migrant worker flexibility by analysing the underlying discursive constructions and temporal expectations that it gives rise to. Drawing on two ethnographic studies of low-wage employers and Eastern European migrants in Scotland, the paper focuses on the way that flexibility is constructed as a process of interruption and remaking that challenges directional expectations about time and unsettles the assumed connectivity between its temporal elements.

You can view a detailed business credit report for FIFE JOINERY MANUFACTURING LIMITED on Global Database. This report includes a financial analysis of the company’s past, current, and future financial performance, as well as a thorough review of its balance sheet, cash flow, and operating expenses.

The report also contains information about the company’s debt structure, ownership, group structure, court judgements, and more. The report is available for instant purchase and download. It is also a great way to identify any potential problems with suppliers before you make a deal. It is essential to understand how the company’s finances work and how they are likely to perform in the future.


Fife is a great place to work and offers plenty of opportunities for young people. It is home to the engineering sector which employs over 37,000 people in the region. This sector specializes in developing innovative products and designs. Many of these products are then sold and distributed to customers across the world. The skills that are necessary for engineers to be successful in the industry include a high level of technical knowledge, creativity, and problem-solving ability.

Fife also has a strong reputation for innovation in timber manufacturing. The industry is one of the largest employers in the region, and it has a large share of the UK market. This is because of its expertise in timber machining and a wide range of woodworking machinery. In addition, it has a reputation for offering excellent value for money and good quality.

A new technology called acetylation is being used to improve the performance of wooden joinery. This process can dramatically improve the durability of the wood. It can also reduce the amount of maintenance required. This technology can be applied to a variety of timber products, including doors, windows, and furniture.

The acetylation process can be used on wood that is already cut and prepared, or it can be used on raw materials. In the latter case, the acetylation is performed prior to cutting the final piece of timber. In either case, it can improve the appearance of the timber and make it more resistant to stains and damage.

In recent news, a factory in Fife is set to close with the loss of 180 jobs. The VELUX Group, which owns the facility, is focusing its production and distribution functions in Europe to boost long-term competitiveness. The plan is to close the Fife plant by autumn 2015, while the neighbouring sales and marketing division will be expanded.

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