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5 Features of Call-CRM Center-Software

Call centers are used by businesses to reach out to their customers and clients, as well as to help in the selling of products and services. There are many different call center software systems available in the market today, with each having its own special features. However, certain features are common to all call center software systems. Here’s a look at five features that you should expect from your call center software system.

Call Recording

One vital feature that business owners need to consider when choosing a call-center software for their business is call recording. What will you do if your staff members were talking about sensitive information over the phone and accidentally hang up on the customer? It would be almost impossible to track it down or even see who was speaking. But with each voice conversation recorded, you’ll be able to get all the details needed for this situation, with no chance of error.

You can also give feedbacks to your staff members on how easily they can convince the customers to buy your product by listening to their recordings.

Voice Broadcast

Voice Broadcast can be used for broadcasting messages to all callers, a subset of callers, or a specific caller. It can also be used to broadcast messages at certain times. The message will be read out by the voice engine, so it is important that it is in the correct language and has proper pronunciation. The broadcaster can choose from different voices as well as customize the intonation and speech rate to achieve the desired tone and effect.

IVR Section

IVR can help you get rid of the long and often confusing menus, which means you’ll have an easier time attracting new customers. With IVR, a customer can quickly learn about your business by pressing one button and speaking to an agent. Your team members can also use an IVR system for dispatching customer service requests or handling incoming phone calls. It’s also helpful for agents who may be out on medical leave. IVR is available in either analog or digital formats. Analog systems are cheaper but are more susceptible to noise interference from outside sources like fax machines and microwaves, while digital systems cost more but provide clearer audio and are less likely to be affected by outside noise interference. 

SMS to Cell Phone Integration

Many people have cell phones, so it’s easy to see how this feature might be helpful. Text messages can act as an alternative to landline calls. Imagine sitting in your office while you take care of a few phone calls and receiving an SMS that notifies you that your mother is calling. With just the press of a button, you could be connected with her right away if she isn’t planning on leaving a message.

Custom Dialer

A custom dialer for your company can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. These days, a majority of people use their smartphones to place calls. In order to make a call, they will have to find the contact they want and then press the phone number.  With a custom dialer, all they need to do is type the name of who they want to call or say what kind of business they are looking for. The automated system will do all the work for them so that no more frustration or confusion. Plus, with less time spent on making those tedious phone calls, there’s more time available for other important tasks like customer service.


In conclusion, there are many great features to be found in this software, and the company is dedicated to providing high-quality customer service. If you’re looking for a CRM system that will keep your customers happy, give this one a try. They have many features like training sessions, live chat help with qualified experts, open ticketing system which saves time and money with email support to ensure fast response times. Their amazing reporting feature offers multiple report options to get just what you need at any given time. Another really nice feature they offer is an all-inclusive price! You can’t beat that! Hope this helps anyone out there who may be considering getting a new CRM system for their business!

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