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Favorite Cards of the Floppy Knights

Floppy Knights has nearly 100 cards to choose from, not including unit cards. That’s a lot of choices! But how do you know what’s good, what’s useful, and what won’t be a waste of time?

  1. Cactus Juice

The definition of a staple card is Cactus Juice. It heals any friendly unit on the battlefield for three health points. It is the ideal card for getting you out of sticky situations or simply recovering during downtime.

To use Cactus Juice, however, you must first have a Barrel Cactus unit card in your deck. When you play them, you will be given a Cactus Juice. You can craft them separately after a certain point, but it’s something to keep in mind.

  1. Sunshine

Sunshine is an obvious choice. What exactly do we mean by that? There is literally no reason why you shouldn’t have Sunshine on your deck. It uses no energy and not only allows you to draw a new card, but it also grants you extra energy in your next turn.

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If you’re not satisfied with your hand or have a grand plan in mind for your next turn, then playing Sunshine is a no-brainer. Just toss this card into your deck and get started.

  1. Big Bonk

Big Bonk is a fairly literal name for this card, as it allows you to inflict a rather large bonk on an enemy. This card, like the basic attack card, costs one energy to use and allows you to attack while granting you +2 damage.

  1. Grow

Grow is a straightforward but incredibly effective card. It is available fairly early in the game and is completely free to play. It allows you to upgrade any of your plant cards in your hand once activated. For example, upgrading Treefolk Rock would increase the amount of health it provides from two to three.

Having Grow in your deck can completely change the way a game plays out. Floppy Knights is one of the best indie tactics games of all time because a single card can drastically alter the outcome of an entire playthrough. It has the ability to make cards cost nothing, deal more damage than expected, and travel long distances. If you don’t have it, you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot.

  1. Volley Fire

So you have two energy points left but three enemies to defeat. You cannot use two attack cards because this will not complete the task. But you don’t have anything else in your deck that can deal that much damage for such a low cost. Do you think so?

Volley Fire may cost two energy to activate, but it grants you a Strike card for each friendly unit under your control. Strike cards allow you to launch an attack without using any energy. So, if you have three or four units on the field, you can basically do three or four attacks for free.

  1. Mend

Mend, like Cactus Juice, appears to be a required component of every deck. Outside of cards, there is no way to heal units, but filling your deck with Cactus Juices may cause bloat. Fortunately, Mend provides the ideal solution.


Mend restores two health points to all of your units. This is a significant improvement because it means that regardless of which of your units is in trouble, they are all covered. While two isn’t a lot, in the long run, the majority of enemy units, especially at the start, only deal two or three hits at a time.

  1. Bootleg

Have you ever drawn a deck of cards and wondered, “What am I supposed to do with these?” Fortunately, Bootleg is here to help, as this handy little card allows you to throw away your hand and draw a new one.


Sow/Reap is without a doubt the best combination card in the game. When played, the card flips over, allowing you to activate a completely different effect. In this case, Sow lets you move and Reap lets you attack.

  1. Treefolk Rock

As previously stated, Treefolk Rock grants an additional two health points to any unit. You can, for example, increase the health of Cactus Knight from five to seven. If you’ve ever played Floppy Knights, you’ll understand how useful that is.

Of course, Treefolk Rock is not cheap. It will cost you two energy to use it, but we can assure you that it is always worthwhile. Treefolk Rock does its job flawlessly every time, whether it’s to boost a weak unit’s health or to quickly heal an injured unit.

  1. Drifter

Drifter is a card that appears late in Floppy Knights, which is understandable. Drifter is an extremely powerful card. It, like Sow/Reap, has multiple forms, the first of which costs nothing to move. Roamer, the second version that “evolves,” allows you to move and draw a card for one energy. This then transforms into Wanderer, granting you the ability to move and draw two cards for two energy. Finally, Explorer allows you to move and draw three cards for only two energy. It then transforms back into Drifter.

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