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Fair Deal Scheme Ireland: What You Need to Know!

Learn the basics of Ireland’s Fair Deal scheme. This article covers the basics of Ireland’s welfare system, what you need to know if you’re looking for work in Ireland, and the pros and cons of the scheme.

What is the Fair Deal Scheme?

The Fair Deal Scheme Ireland is a new government initiative that aims to provide more affordable and transparent housing options for Irish citizens. The scheme provides eligible residents with the opportunity to purchase social housing from the state at a discounted price, as well as access to supported rental schemes. The aim of the scheme is to increase access to affordable housing and support vulnerable Irish citizens, while also reducing state costs.

To qualify for the Fair Deal Scheme Ireland, you must be an Irish citizen or national, have a valid ID card, and be living in Ireland. The scheme offers several discounted prices on social housing units across the country, ranging from €149 per month for social housing in Dublin City Centre up to €269 per month for social housing in Cork City Centre. Additionally, eligible residents can access supported rental schemes that offer reduced rent rates and increased security. To find out if you are eligible for the Fair Deal Scheme Ireland, visit the website www.fairdealschemeireland.ie or call 087 296 4100.

What are the benefits of the Fair Deal Scheme?

The Fair Deal Scheme is a government initiative designed to provide financial assistance to low- and middle-income earners. The scheme offers a number of benefits, including:

– Increased access to credit

– Reduced interest rates

– Assistance with housing costs

– Free child care

– Tax relief on children’s expenses

– Support for emergency bills

Under the Fair Deal Scheme, you can receive financial assistance in the form of a loan or a grant. You can also apply for free grants that cover specific costs, such as rent or childcare. The loans available through the Fair Deal Scheme are typically shorter term than traditional loans, and you can get them at lower interest rates than conventional loans. You can also use the loans to cover other costs associated with living in Ireland, such as food and utilities. The Fair Deal Scheme is open to both Irish and foreign residents, and it offers a variety of funding options tailored to your needs.

How to apply for a Fair Deal Scheme?

If you are looking for a way to get your hands on some affordable property, then the Fair Deal Scheme Ireland may be the perfect option for you! The Fair Deal Scheme is a government initiative that offers low-cost mortgages and home buying assistance to eligible first time buyers. Here are some key things to know about the scheme:

How to apply: To be eligible for the Fair Deal Scheme, you must be a first time buyer who is purchasing your home through an approved intermediary. You can find a list of approved intermediaries on the Department of Finance website.

What you need to provide: In order to apply for the Fair Deal Scheme, you will need to provide documentation such as your income tax returns and bank statements. You will also need to provide information about your credit score and your current mortgage situation.

How much help you can expect: Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to receive up to 50% of the value of your home loan as assistance through the Fair Deal Scheme.

Is it worth applying for a Fair Deal Scheme?

If you’re thinking of applying for the Fair Deal Scheme Ireland, here are a few things to keep in mind. The scheme provides low-cost home improvements and repairs to households earning up to €60,000 per year. You don’t have to be eligible for social welfare to qualify, and you can even get help with your rent too.

To be eligible, your home must be in a state of disrepair (or deemed as such by the local authority) and you must be either living in it or planning to move into it within 12 months. Certain conditions apply, including that your household income doesn’t exceed €60,000 per year, and that you own or are buying the property you’re living in.

The good news is that the scheme has already helped thousands of people across Ireland since it was launched in 2014. If you’re interested in applying, make sure you read the guidelines carefully first – there’s a lot of information here!


The Fair Deal scheme Ireland is an initiative that was introduced in the Irish market in an effort to stimulate economic growth and create jobs. The scheme offers consumers a range of benefits, including cash rebates on selected household goods, reductions on energy bills, and even free parking. To be eligible for the Fair Deal Scheme Ireland, products must meet certain conditions, such as being sourced from participating companies and meeting certain quality standards. If you’re looking to take advantage of these benefits, make sure you check out the eligibility requirements first.

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