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Factors Influencing the Price of Yellow Sapphire

Everyone adores yellow sapphire because it is vibrant and beautiful. They dazzle like the sun with their brilliant, clear shine. This gemstone’s radiant beauty bestows potent astrological advantages. Not only that, but over the past several decades, their acceptance as stones for engagement rings has been progressively increasing. Real Pukhraj stones are becoming a more popular alternative for brides and grooms seeking personalized, fashionable, and distinctive choices.

Pukhraj is one of the most fortunate and beneficial Navratnas which is sought after for its vivid and clear brilliance, is the most potent gemstone, and greatly improves the life of its wearer.

Jupiter, also known as “Guru” and regarded as the most auspicious planet in Vedic astrology, is represented by the gemstone yellow sapphire. As a result, wearing yellow sapphire is thought to bring wealth and knowledge to the wearer. Indeed, determining a gemstone’s value is not a simple task, and it is impossible to evaluate the worth or cost of a gem without proper understanding. This is also true for yellow sapphires.

Here are a few factors that are taken into account while establishing the price of the yellow sapphire gem.


When referring to a gemstone’s origin, the mine or nation from which it was mined is what is meant. The most expensive Pukhraj comes from Ceylon or Burma; however, individual gemstone prices also depend on prospective circumstances. Similarly, because most sapphires from Thailand undergo heating treatment to add color, they are less expensive.


Another crucial element used in determining the price of yellow sapphires or Pukhraj stones is its cut. Here, “cut” refers to the facets or faces that are designed to enable the most light to show through the gemstone, not the shape of the yellow sapphire. Gemstones gain their glitter and brilliance through proper cutting. The gemstones are mostly cut using structural symmetry science to ensure that the wearer receives the most significant astrological benefits.

Carat Weight

Expensive gemstones, such as natural yellow sapphire gemstones are sold per carat or Ratti. These units specify their market weight because a large variety of Pukhraj of excellent quality is somewhat scarce, and the Pukhraj stone’s price per carat rises steadily with stone size, especially for gems of immaculate grade. Therefore, the scarcity of larger, cleaner stones is what drives up the cost of yellow sapphires per carat.

Prices for genuine Pukhraj stones in India are frequently given in Ratti. In general, the price of a Pukhraj stone per Ratti is less than the price of original Pukhraj stone per carat. Customers who are unaware of how the conversion process works can be tricked using this approach. Please keep in mind that 1 carat equals 0.9 Ratti, not 1 carat equals 1 Ratti.


It is quite impossible to obtain a gemstone that is 100% flawless and free of all-natural flaws. Gemstones may occasionally be heated or treated to improve their appearance. A complete natural gemstone that has not been treated will always cost more. Yellow sapphires that have been treated will always be less expensive than entirely natural ones.


The next factor to take into account for pricing is color. Yellow sapphires naturally fluctuate in color from pale yellow to bright or deep yellow. The price of a certified Pukhraj stone also depends on the color and shade of the stone.  The price of good quality yellow sapphire increases rapidly due to this demand and supply discrepancy. One of the most valuable delicate hue yellow sapphires, also known as Kanakapushyaragam, has a high price because it is hardly available.


This is another factor contributing to the rise in yellow sapphire prices. Like all gemstones, yellow sapphires with respectable carat weights are incredibly rare and in high demand.


The clarity of an authentic yellow sapphire gem is a crucial consideration in setting its value as it suggests the existence of organic inclusions. The cost of flawless yellow sapphires with excellent clarity and no inclusions visible to the human eye is always high. Clarity is the most crucial element in determining the price of a yellow sapphire stone, aside from carat weight and color.

Final thoughts

So, that is how a yellow sapphire’s market value is established. We sincerely hope that this yellow sapphire gemstone pricing guide will make your yellow sapphire purchase process more enjoyable and easier. Please feel free to contact the gem experts at Navratan, the online gem bazar. We can help you if you need any additional assistance. Your search for the ideal yellow sapphire gemstone at the most affordable price will be assisted by our professionals.

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