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Exploring the Use of Augmented Reality for Displaying Products in WooCommerce

The world of eCommerce is a dynamic place that ushers in new changes practically every other day. Most new eCommerce solutions offer promising results, but occasionally, something truly revolutionizes the industry, like Augmented Reality or AR. AR’s groundbreaking technology is taking over the world in all aspects of life, and its role in streamlining the online shopping experience is more than significant.

Today, many eCommerce stores have advanced AR capabilities, especially when displaying their products. One of the best platforms for implementing an AR-based online product display is WooCommerce. Using AR in WooCommerce product displays can significantly impact the user experience. Here, we explore using Augmented Reality or AR to display products in your WooCommerce store. 

Augmented Reality in WooCommerce

A decade ago, Augmented Reality or AR seemed closer to science fiction than Reality. But now, times have changed, and so have the technology. AR is now a common phrase even among children because today, it can integrate seamlessly with your day-to-day life. 

Whether in gaming, education, or eCommerce, the space left for AR tech to touch quickly diminishes. Moreover, it has a unique ability to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping experiences. WooCommerce was able to embrace AR technology at a very early stage. 

Several plugins allow you to add different AR capabilities to your WooCommerce website. Besides that, you can also use third-party solutions and integrate them with the open-source WooCommerce store. However, it is advisable to use WooCommerce development services for the integration if you don’t have the necessary technical expertise.

Seamless AR Integration With WooCommerce 

Another significant reason for using Augmented Reality in WooCommerce product displays is the seamless integration with the platform. Sure, countless platforms and AR solutions are available today, but WooCommerce enjoys one of the broadest collections of native and third-party plugins and applications. In other words, you can access specially designed AR solutions for displaying products. 

Hence, WooCommerce store owners can quickly adopt the AR technology without making significant changes or customizations to their existing infrastructure. You can choose from various WooCommerce plugins after checking their unique features and capabilities they offer. The plugin lets you upload 3D models of your products and even render them in real-time via AR, enabling them to better interact with the website. 

Why Do You Need Augmented Reality?

Enhancing Product Visualization

What is the one thing that eCommerce lacks when interacting with customers online? The most common answer to this question is the inability to interact physically with the products. Even though 360-degree views and size scales helped improve product visualization, Augmented Reality took it to the next level. With AR technology, online customers could, for the first time, get a try-before-you-buy experience online.

So, imagine your online store sells home furniture. With an integrated AR setup, customers can view different furniture in your store and check how it would look in the customer’s real-world environment, like their bedroom. Of course, you can also use AR technology to provide a more detailed 360-degree view of the product, which works seamlessly on all devices, including smartphones.

Increasing Conversion and Reducing Returns

Augmented Reality is just as valuable for the online business owner as it is to the consumer. By allowing the consumer to visualize products in their real-world environment, you can effectively remove many uncertainties in their mind. It naturally leads to a more frequent and faster purchase decision. 

Hence, AR can help increase the likelihood of the consumer completing a purchase or boost your business’s conversion rates. Virtually trying on products enables the consumer to understand how the product looks in real life, minimizing chances of dissatisfied products and hence return rates.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Yet another significant advantage of AR is that it lets you improve the quality of customer engagement. An immersive website can glue the consumer to it and make them spend more time on it. As a result, you can boost the likelihood of a sale. 

Applications of Augmented Reality in WooCommerce Product Displays

There are various applications of Augmented Reality in WooCommerce, especially when displaying products. Following are some innovative ways to use Augmented Reality in WooCommerce product displays.

Virtual Try-ons (Apparel and Accessories)

Companies selling clothes and apparel can implement an AR-based virtual try-on capability on their WooCommerce store. It enables the user to see how a specific garment looks on them in real-time using the smartphone camera. 

Home Decor Visualization

You can also use Augmented Reality in WooCommerce to give consumers the unique ability to see their products in a real-world environment. The customer can use their living space and see how a particular product would look in that environment, ensuring an immersive shopping experience. 

Interactive 3D Product Models

3D models of products are an excellent way to showcase your products on your WooCommerce store. Advanced AR-based 3D models superimpose typical 3D models and convey them to the real world via the user’s device. It can give your customers a more realistic product size and features. 

Virtual Product Demos

Selling complex and technical products becomes significantly more accessible when the customer can interact with 3D models. With a virtual product demo, you can let the customer assemble and reassemble products so they can explore the product in detail.

AR-based Reviews and Testimonials

Businesses can also use reviews and testimonials regarding AR capabilities and shopping experience. Besides helping you add a social dimension to the purchase experience, it enables you to access valuable insights for improving the online shopping experience on your WooCommerce store. 

Geo-targeted AR Campaigns

You can also launch a location-based AR campaign that showcases your products and boosts customer engagement. Businesses can combine online and offline experiences to enhance their customers’ overall quality of service. 

Influencer Collabs

By leveraging AR for your collaboration efforts with influencers and virtual personal shoppers, you can stand out from the competition and make your mark. Influencers can showcase your products via AR on social media, while virtual personal shoppers can provide customers with a highly personalized shopping experience.

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