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Explore The Thrill: The Best Water Slides In Dubai’s Water Parks

Dubai, one of the premier tourist destinations, boasts some of the finest waterparks worldwide. As one of the major tourist cities within the United Arab Emirates, Dubai features numerous amazing waterparks that will delight families, friends, and people of all ages. All these Water Parks in Dubai feature huge slides, wave pools, and smaller rides designed specifically to keep kids amused!

Dubai boasts one of the world’s biggest waterparks and an exciting LEGO®-themed water park for thrill-seeking visitors to enjoy during their visit. Hence, this will leave waterpark lovers truly spoilt for choice during their trip to Dubai. But is visiting Dubai water parks worth it?

Waterparks provide an enjoyable relief from Dubai’s scorching summer temperatures. Hence, it makes them essential parts of an itinerary for both adults and kids. Also, these waterparks are far from your regular water parks as they have numerous fun elements along with exciting experiences. So, let’s check the list of Water Parks and the unique highest water slide in Dubai that you must consider visiting during your Dubai trip for an unforgettable experience. 

The Best Water Parks in Dubai & Their Unique Waterslides

So pack your swimsuits as we check the top water parks of Dubai for a fun-filled day with your family, better half, or friends.

1. Laguna Water Park

Laguna Water Park in Dubai provides the ideal destination for an exciting day trip for families of all kinds, offering endless hours of fun for everyone in their group. Filled with various activities–free fall, mad racer, The Loop, or their iconic attractions Constrictor and Manta and others–Laguna Water Park provides unforgettable family adventures!

Not only can you experience state-of-the-art slides but you can learn to surf using their WaveOz 180 pool! Experience full-control surfing as you surf waves simulated by their fully controlled WaveOz 180 surfing pool! Additionally, Lazy River and Infinity Pools provide relaxation pools to suit all ages. Also, you can get quick beach access because of La Mer North Beach!

2. Yas Waterworld

On the list of Water Parks in Dubai is the Yas Waterworld. Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi stands out as one of the UAE’s premier water parks, for good reason. Boasting 45 rides, slides, and attractions that promise an exhilarating adventure when visiting this waterpark!

Also, apart from their various activities, they’re well known for their traditional Emirati architecture. Visitors to their park will notice a homage to history with an Arabian castle design outside and village architecture within.

3. Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park

Are you in search of even more water slides to explore? Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park boasts more than 105 exciting slides for visitors to enjoy and is also the biggest waterpark in Dubai.

Discover Anaconda, the world’s largest water slide, or Odyssey of Terror – both are worthy challenges of your courage! 

Other rides worth testing your dare include Leap of Faith (Aquaventure’s signature waterslide). So this drop begins almost vertically from almost 30 m height before speeding along an underground tunnel that penetrates a shark- and stingray-filled lagoon! A truly wild ride that gives riders up close with aquatic predators like sharks and stingrays!


LEGOLAND Water Park in Dubai provides an ideal destination for visitors traveling with children aged 2-12 and their families.

Come together as a family and explore the Joker Soaker, an interactive water playground! And when building with LEGO is involved, how could an adventure be complete without personal creations being built and then riding around on? For an extra twist try building and riding your custom LEGO raft at Build-A-Raft-River as you want!

At LEGOLAND Water Park in Dubai, visitors will find over 20 water slides and the LEGO Wave Pool for everyone to take a dip and cool down during their visit to Dubai. This great way of cooling down will surely keep everyone satisfied during a visit here!

Legoland’s Slide Racers provides an exciting alternative to water racing rides for large groups or families looking for fun together. Choose your preferred mat slide and race down before someone waits at the bottom to determine who wins! Kids of all ages love this interactive ride experience that they may even return again and again for another round! It makes for an unforgettable experience.

5. Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai, located near the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in Jumeirah, is another world-famous waterpark! Here, visitors can test themselves with thrilling experiences like Jumeirah Sceirah–an exhilarating 120-meter drop through a trapdoor! Additionally, other exciting water slides like Master Blasters, Burj Surj, and Tantrum Alley should not be missed by families looking for fun times together!

6. AquaFun 

AquaFun stands out among our list of water parks in Dubai as it stands alone as an impressive floating water park just off The Beach at JBR in Dubai. So it has inflatable slides, bridges, and steps designed for fun – which falls into the sea all but guaranteed if racing your friends! Prepare yourself for laughs as everyone slides across this enormous obstacle towards fun-filled runs along with laughs as falls come for all!


In Conclusion, we mentioned the Steepest water slide in Dubai. So this is all about the Water Parks in Dubai that you must consider during your trip to Dubai. Plan your vacation with Roaming Routes by booking one of our best-selling Dubai Packages. 

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