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Experiencing Supply Chain Delays? Here’s How to deal with it

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The supply chain is the channel system of manufacturing and e-commerce. It moves products from suppliers to warehouses to customers’ doorsteps. There are numerous segments, so even minor disturbances or supply chain delays can devastate the supply chain system. Any immediate change or crisis that affects any part of the supply chain becomes a disruption.

Although companies acknowledge making the supply chain work, customers often need to realize how much work it takes to get a shipment from point A to point B. Even when shipments are loaded onto a truck for delivery, the obstructions that can take place to fulfill the last delivery step can waste all the efforts that came before it.

Many major supply chain delays are anticipated, such as delays during the holidays, whereas others are not, such as lockdowns. Either way, learning how to tame supply chain delays using proper stock forecasting and network optimization will support you continue operating and sustain profitability even when chaos erupts.

You are facing Logistics Services Disruptions- if the following takes place

Transportation Delays:

On a smaller scale but no less disruptive, seasonal delays in the supply chain occur due to weather and increased traffic on the road. Due to winter storms and the volume of goods dispatched during the holidays, the fourth quarter of the year is infamous for bottlenecks. Retailers frequently encourage their customers to buy ahead of time to balance out this surge in supply chain demand.

Price Fluctuations:

Changes in supplier availability, resources, and other factors can impact manufacturing and transportation prices. It can result in shipment delays or operational changes as businesses wait for prices to fall or risk raising prices for their customers.

Cyber Attacks:

While technology now powers much of the supply chain and keeps the systems running smoothly, it is also more helpless to cyber-attacks. Companies must invest in dependable cyber security to keep their data safe. Any lingering uncertainty will cause internal systems to fail, and any breaches will cause customers to shop elsewhere.

Global Pandemics:

Nothing in current years has caused an impact on the supply chain. When the pandemic first hit, it ceased the entire supply chain. Cargo ships are retrieved at the port, and few truck drivers are available.

How Logistics Services overcome these disturbances:

When supply chain delays take place, it’s mostly uncontrollable. However, businesses can prepare for such mishaps by implementing strategies to lessen delays. Have a read of four supply chain risk management techniques worth incorporating into your business strategy.

Build Backup Inventory

Backup inventory is crucial to have to proceed with the supply chain operation. However, preparing for the influx of demand from competitors requires replenishing their stock as the supply chain channels are standardized.

Diversify Suppliers

During the Post-pandemic phase, manufacturers and retailers were considering diversifying their suppliers. Those with inventory wrapped in the warehouses and supply chains overseas realized depending on a single supplier restricts their ability to pivot.

Rely on Fulfillment Partners

Fulfillment experts are equipped to handle all potential delays in the supply chain. At 6g Logistics, our order fulfillment solutions are fast, cost-effective, and adaptable. Our software platform lets businesses maintain total visibility and control over their orders, inventory, and customer insights. Customers can better identify potential risks and take action with an independent fulfillment network connected through software.

Communicate with Customers

Customers demand on-time delivery regardless of what’s happening behind the scenes. As soon as there is a potential lacking in warehousing & fulfillment solutions due to a supply chain delay, it should be communicated to customers immediately.

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