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Experience an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet Like No Other at Baden Baden

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Baden Baden’s all-you-can-eat buffet isn’t your typical buffet; it’s an experience you have to taste and see to believe. We understand that buffets are often the symbol of over-consumption and waste, but we hope to show you that this isn’t always the case and that when done correctly, eating like there’s no tomorrow can be a much more enjoyable way to do your weekly grocery shopping than any other way out there!

The Bathhouse

Kongresshaus Baden-Baden is a luxurious hotel and spa in Germany’s Black Forest. It also happens to be home to the best all-you-can eat buffet in the world. The restaurant seats up to 700 people, but if you’re one of the first 40 arrivals then you’ll have your choice of prime seating. Dining is typically served family style, with round tables that can fit up to ten guests each (and there are plenty of those).

There’s a selection for all tastes, from light salads and fruits, to pasta dishes and hearty steaks. And because it’s all self-serve, you’ll spend less time waiting for food than you would otherwise.

The Pool Area

A pool area with a view, the perfect place to relax. From the rooftop of the kongresshaus baden baden in Baden, Germany, you can enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the Black Forest. The pool is heated year round and has a 25m long water slide that leads right into it. The pool area also offers a sauna and steam bath, which are open to members and guests for free. During winter, when snow falls on this oasis in the woods, there’s no better way to recover from a day spent exploring or skiing than by soaking your bones in this pool.

The Vegetarian Area

One of the things that makes Baden Baden so unique is its focus on variety and quality. The kongresshaus Baden Baden provides a wide range of different cuisines, with plenty to choose from for even the pickiest eaters! You’ll find traditional dishes like German potato salad and turkey, along with more unusual choices like octopus salad or roasted lamb chops. And if you’re just not sure what you want, we offer waiters who will be happy to take your order or bring you a plate they think might be good for you – after all, it’s their job!

Foods from around the World

Are you ready to experience a buffet like no other? The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet at Baden Baden features foods from around the world. Start by indulging in some traditional American favorites including fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cornbread and more. Next, venture into a culinary paradise with dishes like beef stroganoff and shawarma. Finally, explore more international flavors with pasta primavera, spanakopita and miso soup. Your taste buds will thank you!


The dessert section has a beautiful display of freshly made waffles, fruit-topped pies and tarts, and many other dessert options. Chocolate lovers will enjoy the handmade chocolate truffles that are made daily in the kitchen. For those looking for something to satisfy their sweet tooth without putting on weight, there is a wide selection of sorbets to choose from including mango, strawberry and watermelon. The All You Can Eat buffet also offers a range of cakes with different flavors such as red velvet and lemon meringue.

Drinks – oh, so many drinks

The drinks menu is extensive, with every type of liquor and spirit from around the world. From your standard gin and tonic to a flaming shot of tequila, there’s a drink for everyone. Our favorite thing to do was order one type of liquor and then start mixing our own drinks by ordering different shots of different liquors. For example, if you order vodka and then order Jagermeister on the side, you’ll end up with a Jagerbomb! And even better? You don’t have to pay per round: if you want another drink, just go back to the bar and get it.

The best part about this place? It never closes: you can eat, drink and be merry all day long without worrying about what time it is or having to get up in time for work in the morning.

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