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Excite Email – All you need to know about it!

Mailings from Excite Email are always delivered promptly. Voicemail is also included for free. Excite is a search engine that has also become a web portal. ‘Excite‘ Content and email services can be tailored to meet the needs of individual users with Excite. Popular web portal Excite provides a variety of online services. 

Storage Capacity of the Excite Mail 

More than 10,000 messages can be stored in the Excite email account’s storage capacity of 125MB. On the storage disc summary page, the user may quickly see how much storage is left in their account. Excite mail storage capacity may be checked in two methods. Inbox hub is the first, and mail preference is the second. 

Features of Excite Mail 

The following functions are included in Excite Email:- 

  • An email client’s contact list is easily accessible with a single click from any tab. 
  • Currently, Excite email has a storage restriction of 250 to 1000 MB. Inboxes don’t need to be regularly cleared out to create a place for new communications. 
  • When uploading essential documents to your account, you can use the additional storage capacity to store as many as you need. 
  • User accounts are ideal for attaching huge documents or files due to the recent increase in the attachment size restriction from 10 to 25 MB. 
  • Setting junk mail controls, email signatures, spell check choices, etc. are all simple customizations that can be made by the user. 

Common issues with Excite Email 

  • It’s exciting that emails are being accepted, but there are occasions when they don’t make it to the recipient’s Inbox or another category. 
  • When a user can’t log in, it’s a problem. The notification reads “do not react.” 
  • Emails from exciting have not been able to be restored by the user. “At this time could not connect to the server,” says a pop-up notice. 
  • Excite email can fail to load on occasion. When a user clicks on an email multiple times, it keeps saying “loading” but never does. 

Add Excite email to outlook Mail

  • Open Outlook on your computer. Now you need to select “Add account” from the “File” menu as the first step.
  • Select Manually configure settings from the menu that appears after clicking the Options button. 
  • Next, select the option for Internet e-mails. 
  • Now, fill out the “personal information” section with your entire Excite email address. 
  • Select the POP3 account type. 
  • Enter smtp.excite.com in the incoming mail server field and pop3.excite.com in the outgoing mail server field. 
  • Then, in the corresponding fields, enter your excite email address and your password. 
  • After completing this step, pick the outgoing server tab under the additional setting option. My outgoing server can be selected from the drop-down menu (SMTP requires authentication)
  • Now The Advanced tab is where you’ll find it. Make sure that the checkbox next to it is tapped. A secure connection (SSL) must be established first, followed by an “OK.” 
  • Then Take the next step by clicking on Next. Outlook will now be able to access your Excite email account.


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