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Excellent Books for Learning Web Design the Correct Way

After “Where is the finest place to study?” The question I hear most frequently from novice programmers is, “What web development books should I purchase to learn?” Consider this an answer to that query, as I’ve collected a list of books that are not only excellent for beginning front-end development but are also available for free.

HTML and CSS: Website Design and Development

When I am learning something new, I want to see immediate results and avoid becoming bogged down by the subject’s technical aspects. When I’ve concluded that a topic is one, I genuinely want to master, I’ll invest the time required to become an expert in it. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites enables you to begin learning the fundamental concepts and practices of web design.

In an interesting way, several photos of the subject are shown.

The writing is not scary, which is great because it will prevent you from being disheartened and abandoning your academic pursuits. This is precisely why I recommend this book as a beginning web design book.

CSS Web Development for Beginners

Once you’re confident that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to obtain a more technical and detailed book so that you can begin to grasp the principles. When it comes to comprehensiveness and technical knowledge in books, O’Reilly volumes are unparalleled.

The almost 600-page book Learning Web Design is well-written and will provide you with a solid foundation in the field.

This book will take you beyond HTML and CSS to introduce you to JavaScript and web graphics.

Even though this book is written for absolute novices, it should not be your first book on the subject, particularly if you have no programming expertise.

The Greatest CSS Tricks

This book provides solutions to common web design issues. Purchase this book after you’ve spent hours/days debugging and rebuilding the HTML and CSS of your website. This book will bring you one step closer to mastery of web design at the professional level.

This is the only book I own in duplicate. I believed I had lost my original book, so I purchased a replacement. Now that I have an extra, I can lend it to my friends and family.

A Commonsense Approach to Web Usability: Don’t Force Me to Think

In the perspective of a continually evolving field like web design, this book is outmoded; it was published eight years ago, so it might as well have been written in the fourteenth century. However, the concepts discussed in this book are timeless, even when applied to larger projects such as adobe web design.

While the books I’ve just described teach you how to create websites, this book teaches you how to do so in the most effective manner for your customers. Don’t Make Me Think is a very groundbreaking book, and I guarantee that you will have numerous “aha!” moments while reading it.

Books on process

As much as code is about the code itself, it is also about how we write code and work together on projects. The following books are great places to start with planning, managing projects, communicating with others, and working together.

Wrapping up

Whether you’re just starting out in front-end web development or have been doing it for a decade, I hope you find these books useful. I understand how difficult it is to begin something new and how it feels to not know where to look. I am also familiar with the experience of being stuck and requiring assistance to move forward. No matter where you are in your learning journey, there should be something here for you.

And, hey, if you know of any other free books you can get online, please share them in the comments! I bet we can get an even bigger list going.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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