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Everything You Need to Know About Green Quartz Crystal

Crystals have been used for multiple functions since the dawn of time. Different crystals come with different properties giving them distinct benefits over others.

One of these crystals is green quartz.

Green quartz is a very gentle stone with green aesthetics that helps improve your general wellness. It is said that a green quartz crystal helps us to stop seeking love, affection, and validation in others and takes us a step closer to loving ourselves.

People also use it as a memento of good luck. The crystal also absorbs the bad and negative energy around you and leaves you with a positive and relaxing mood.

Check out this comprehensive guide to learn about the properties and uses of green crystals if you’re considering purchasing one.

Green Quartz Crystal

The green quartz crystal is soothing to look at and helps you to boost your creativity. It offers calm and peace and dispels anger, stubbornness, and any stuck thoughts in your emotional body.

The crystal aligns all the chakras of your body and leaves you feeling positive and calm. The positive space it creates helps you stay motivated at work and achieve your goals with clarity and precision.

This crystal also helps to develop strong intuition and clears the mind for needful thoughts. This, in turn, boosts your decision-making process. 

It is closest to the heart and can be used for wellness and healing of the heart. It also has many medicinal benefits for diseases that relate to the heart.

Green Quartz Properties

To better understand Agreen quartz, we have divided its properties into metaphysical and geographical categories. Read on to know more.

Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to metaphysical properties, green quartz is known to:

  • Render peace and improve relationships
  • Stimulate the creative side of your brain
  • Help approach tricky situations with patience and peace of mind
  • Help reduce anxiety and stress
  • Help recover after an illness of any kind
  • Aid in financial stability and overall success in life

Geographical Properties

Green quartz is a variety of mineral quartz found in abundance all over the earth. It generally comes from a small mine in Brazil but can also be found in smaller deposits in Canada and Poland.

Based on its geographical significance, green quartz has the following characteristic features:

  • Green quartz crystal is a rare stone and can only be found in certain areas
  • It is commonly used as a heat-treated amethyst
  • This green quartz, when heated, turns yellow, orange, or some turn shades of green
  • The green quartz available on the market today is a combination of heat treatment and ionising radiation
  • It comes with a hardness of 7 Mohs, which is considered to be quite good for a crystal

Green Quartz Uses

Because of its varying properties, green quartz crystal offers multiple uses. Let us check them below:

  • Because this stone has a high hardness, it is used in the making of jewellery
  • It can be used as a home décor item or as a gift to someone you are close to
  • This crystal is known to bring peace and positive vibrations to your home
  • You can cut, polish, and style green quartz crystal to make customised ornaments of your choice
  • It brings patience and zen in stressful situations
  • This stone opens up mind space and does enhance decision making
  • Green quartz is considered an omen of good luck, so you can keep it in your home or use it in situations when needed
  • This stone is used and gifted for a healthy recovery from a physical or mental situation

Cleaning Green Quartz

This stone should have a proper cleaning regime to capture its beauty and use it at its full potential. Because this stone is considerably hard, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner.

Another thing you can do to preserve and protect this stone is to keep it away from heat as much as you possibly can. Exposure to heat changes the colour of the green quartz, so it’s wise to keep it away from direct sunlight.

You can extend the life of green quartz by taking good care of it in placement and cleaning.


If you are looking to buy crystals that will help you boost your creativity, then green quartz crystal is the answer for you. You can wear it, carry it or display it as you like. 

This stone takes away all your negative energy and leaves you with a calm atmosphere. It boosts your decision-making process, enhances morale, and gives you better instincts. 

Buying crystals can be tricky, and you must be careful to get the real one and not a knock-off. Buy green quartz crystal from a trusted store like Karma Living so that you can be assured of its validity and quality.

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